Sergi Constance and Simeon Panda BIG BACK WORKOUT

Sergi Constance and Simeon Panda BIG BACK WORKOUT
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Caner Dmrblk says:

simon lifts heavier weihgts than sergio. obliously stronger than sergio

Jet Fadıl says:

iyi vav ovv ayy cin ali cin ali oohoh

Bharat Kandwal says:

Sergiconstance is a mother fucking beast

Gabriel Neves says:

Great guys! two freak beasts!

Dishan Kxyz says:

keep it up man…you’re my only motivation .

호랑이 says:

what is the song? plaes

prateek kumar says:

anyone know which music is this that started in this video

Yair Maldonado says:

Simeon panda is a beast

Esteban Gutierrez says:

Song: Troyboi & tincup – TNT

Daniel Sloukas says:

Song ?

Ionut says:

steroids freaks

Tygo A says:

troyboi and tincup – TNT damn

Delashan Sasikumar says:

Sergi has some of the craziest delts I’ve seen

Steven Andrikopoulos says:

Great physiques, good training, lots of cycles. Belts during lat pull downs? Just marketing

phil kelly says:

I like this. Simon looks like he was constructed in the lab. I personally think he has the most accentuated v-taper. Serge’s delts are just perfect.

María del Socorro Pardo Sotomayor says:

decirme el nombre de este temazo de cancion por favor

Reyese 13 says:

This workout video is good because here are two bigger and leanner bodybuilders training really hard

Digital Lifestyle says:

they both need more lower lats

Ahamd bin Abdulziz says:

the last 2 ex this is the first time i see somone doing this

Jan Benkwitz says:

Sergi´s delts were twice as huge on the FIBO this year…

Bali Mali says:

Krasses Video … Germany

Cxeri93 says:

welcome to steroid industry

Rowan B says:

Ha I work in this gym

Mrnakatsu09 says:


ricky Oh says:

sergi jaj simeon levanta mas peso que tu jaj no me la crei al principio jajaa

Mido Alshami says:


Hale Yılmaz says:

sergi is much vascular

Red Spartan says:

Como puedo marcar mi abdomen rapido

Sriramula Kishore says:

sergi’s form is just amazing

Abdulah Ihsan Fitness says:

whats the song name..??

Corridor 11 says:

What song is this

terrasixx12 says:

Roids ,But good work !!!!

Jarbou youseF says:

63 dislike and 3k likes woow!!

original gainster says:

best natty body builders

Jeff Khoir says:

name song !!!

Jeff Khoir says:

name song ?

Ernesto Jimenez says:


omfriend says:

sergi gives me an orgasm everytime out like that….aaah

Jeff Khoir says:

wht name song ????????????????????

Έλληνας Εθνικιστής says:

Which is the name of the last exercise?

LM music says:

Sergio me gustaria saber cuantos dias le corres a la semana y cuanto tiempo (cardio) es para tratar de mejorar mi definicion

ahmet kral says:

sergi beast back

†ASCENDENTE † . says:

*_Fucking Awesome!!_*

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