Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania workout

How do you prepare for a match against Brock Lesnar? Find out as’s cameras grant you exclusive access into Roman Reigns’ workout as he gets ready for the fight of his life.

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Suman Chakraborty says:

Roman Ring Is The Best….WWE…..Big King …….

Joy fluffy01 says:

I want to workout.

CC927 says:

Such a beautiful,fierce,gorgeous man. He doesn’t deserve the disrespect he’s getting.

Sadhiksonu 9502831594 says:

l love roman reigns

Tamilan Ananth says:


manu HD 1806 says:


Warly Carneiro says:

superstar show

Maria Charif says:

i want to see wreslmania roman vs brock

Ch Tayyab says:

romen rings

Sunil Kumar says:

Janu gohar

Lucbinh Cauba says:

Cho mình xinh vài tấm hinh của thằng Roman reigns đuoc kg, zalo cua minh là 01648304610

koustav dey says:

no onw see u ok u noob f out

King Rock says:

This video makes roman look strong

Abdul Kadir says:

लोनी अरमान बोलो मैं तुम्हारा दोस्त हूं खाली मेरा मन नहीं है यार तुम मेरे दोस्त हो यार तुम और मैं भी तुम्हारे साथ खेलने चलूंगा यार मेरे को हमारा बहुत फ्रेंडली को बहुत मारो इतना मालूम की उसके जाए


YOU RULE !!!! Hail — “ROMAN EMPIRE” !!!!

Korosh Vahab says:

bork laser

Anikesh Keshwal says:

his a Samoan bulldozer. Its great to see a pacific blood in wwe.

Andreas Milan says:

Make more of these please!

roman reigns says:

i love you roman reigns

Devinder Singh says:

Me Roman reigns have mussles

Aum Jha says:

the other 2 shield members are turning boring too , so after Seth’s feud with hhh is over , I want shield to reunite and turn heel
And Jeri-KO should turn face
they’re good and funny

Morris point713 says:

Roman reigns I am your biggest fan

Poket Monster says:

roman is typical wrestler that wwe has given us a big muscle man now people like undersize underdog type of stars who can jump from anywhere but lets face it i only find shemus and roman to be a comptition against beast these tye dillinger and sami zyane would be destrued like scrape

Rogem Tabares says:

y does he call himself a fighter lol

Deepak Kumar says:

hii romen ranige

Raju Ali says:

my hero

Joseph Ciafone says:

I know but also look at the rock

Munish Tripathi says:

Roman is a reason I watch wwe

Lisanny Rodriguez says:


Poket Monster says:

romans mic skill has improved a lot he just needs a holiday too much exposure

Indrajit Tudu says:

Seth is smarter than both of U….

Big Phresh Matt says:

2:13 A message to all you smarks!

Nick Zegson says:

this is porn to vince

Valentin Paredes says:

Hola Roman reigns

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