Rare Footage Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Training Chest & Shoulders

Rare Footage Of Arnold SchwarzeneggerTraining Chest & Shoulders

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Aziz Unoyev says:


muddy says:

How old is he? Lookin young af

dukenukemnever says:

King of pecs.

NamePendin'78 says:

Anabolic steroids. ..all fake all fake

Winner Forever says:

If you want you can see my videos where I training biceps. I can help you to build big development biceps without supplements and steroids. Thank you.

middlingspade 98 says:

we need another guy on this planet that looks like this, set everying back in order.

Fahad Abdul Majeed says:

no one give challenge to arnold the one an only arlod body builder

Abdellah Bayne says:

What is the name of the song Ia on video

Daniel Warchoł says:

Songs please ? 🙂 need for training ^^

Hulk TÜRK says:

Efsane ae

Rohan V says:

Song name ?

LupoWolf says:

Whats the music?

Mumon says:

Anyone else staring at the thumbnail and wondering why his belly was sticking out, but it was only his leg?

Rudy Cooper says:

1:31 how much those weigh? Somebody can tell?

Yamol87 says:

can u reupload this vidoe whit no music ?

Jack Walsh says:

Greatest off all time. Fucking love you Arnold!

jamj59 says:

i have never seen that exercise at 3:10

bodybuilder718 says:

Anything done with love and passion, makes for beautiful art. Bodybuilders back then wanted to be Greek Gods and wanted no easy shortcuts to get those results. After bodybuilding became mainstream and basically turned into a business, the beauty goes away and you are left with vultures. Bodybuilders today are the most sick individuals with so much steroid abuse and lack of care for their hearts. i would choose Surge Nubret over Kai Greene, Phil Heath and every bodybuilder of today.

Vick Nelonis says:

You don’t see him training with ridiculous weights like the fitness youtubers do now most people don’t understand that training with more weight than you can handle doesn’t benefit you at all

Bro come at me says:

dat fucking chest


he never used heavy weights like todays body builders.however he got a pump every time

MrMegaGuay says:

last shoulders exercise looks painful.

j pad77 says:

great vid, I disagree with the music but I understand it’s for copy right issues.

Arjun Vas says:

Is he using very wide grip for bench? Is it better for a wider chest? Can someone explain?

Thorgeous says:

Terrific upload, but that music isn’t doing it any justice.

John Osterwoman says:

I have binge eating disorder.

Shahzan Haider says:

Undoubtedly the ALL TIME BEST ATHELETE!!!

Carlos Padilla says:

Great workout video, too bad there ain’t no money in body building.

Dosomething89 says:

I don’t see much of this at the gym, I just see a bunch of boys standing around with a gallon of water in their hand as they stand by the bench talking to their “bros” for 30 minutes with two 45lb plates on each side of the bar waiting to be benched. AND THEY DONT EVEN USE IT!!

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