No excuses – African Bodybuilders | Muscle Madness

Bodybuilding motivation with African Bodybuilders.
Athelets: Kulbila Agyarko Samuel, @africanbodybuildersavenue



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Abhishek Thakur says:

level 100////
but , question is that???
what they guyz re eats for that much strenght??

Victor Cachorro says:

Not money for gym,just money for roids

oDafuZed says:

Nothing like working out in flip flops

Lucas b says:

so where can I find this gym.?

riaz uddin says:

awesome guys

duncan maccleod says:

no wheu ko bcaa no chemical shit and they re in shape

Muscle Madness says:

*Extreme Army Workout*

kashif satvilkar says:

suppp brow

Chuckiis says:

There is no finish line.

SchiumaDJ says:

All naturals

Frost Bite says:

What if there’s a gym down the road and these guys are just trolling?

Ruchir Lawate says:

More motivational than most ‘motivational’ videos. I’m going to see this whenever I feel like skipping a workout!!

Spartan Crazy says:

pura motivação!

Justin Taylor says:

How much you bench?

2 v8 engines

Martin G says:

2:39 Dr Dre from Straight outta Comptom xD

Aspira says:

what they eat?

Burdette Highsmith says:

for all u pussified motherfuckers stop using excuses and and work with wat u have

Asemahle Mmonelwa says:

#What’s your excuse?

Larry Litmanen says:

Well there goes my $65 a month gym.

Freedom Of speech says:

People, you should know every one in the fitness industry or outside of it but with amazing physiques ARE ON SOMETHING

Leon Sahraoui says:

1:20 michael jai white what are you doing there ?

Jose Gongora says:


Hentai Haven says:

Leg Day bro

Skribbles says:

His bench bar is a lot different compared to the bell-bar we use 45 lbs. I give this guy big thumb up! chee-hooooo

Eli Indawati says:


seeker jay says:


SuperSimba6 says:

And you know they’re all natural because they wouldn’t even be able to afford the roids my niggzz!!!

J says:

Respect for the guys..100% motivation to achieve their goal! this is how it should be done. No pain No Gain!

cheesecake_24 says:

oh yeah..u did it

Sterling Archer says:

what do they eat ?

Marvin Varian says:

I’m just wondering what they use for protein.

halil baba says:


peanuts red says:

they are doing what they like.

Qhua The Ibila says:

They low key building an army of super soldiers

Eugene Little says:

Let’s get it baby

Furkan Altay says:

black genetics !!

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