Natural Bodybuilding: Become the best version of yourself | Mischa Janiec | TEDxHSG

Mischa Janiec breaks the stereotypes of Natural Bodybuilding to describe how lifting weights helps people reach the best version of themselves. Namely through understanding the relationship between mental and physical fitness, recognizing self-reflection as a success driving attitude and learning that failure is a necessary step towards success.

Mischa Janiec is an Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Personal Coach and Pro Natural Bodybuilder from Switzerland. He became the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Federation Teen Class Champion in 2011 and won the Overall Title at the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Muscle Mayhem 2016. Apart from being a Pro Athlete, Mischa has become a famous European Social Media Influencer. He has thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram and millions of views on his youtube channel. He is also the Co-founder of Profuel, a vegan supplement company, Chief Marketing Officer of a clothing company named ProBroWear and helps people get in shape with his Online Training Course “Lean Bulk System”. He also likes to travel around the world and giving his Internet Community insights of beautiful places like South America or Thailand.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ says:

man he gets exhausted from talking lul

Tanvir Singh says:

He has the same style as “LOUIS CK”!

Nick L says:

He ripped part of the speech more or less word for word from Arnold. The part wheres he talks about failure everyday in the Gym was stolen from Arnold’s speech last year…

Milesgatman says:

best whersion…

Captain 2K says:

looking like pewdiepie on steriods

Combatant hero says:

Now a man lifts!!!!(No, if your a woman who lifts, your not a man, your abnormal and weird.)

Aleksandar Popovic says:

Winner of a video, been searching for “how much muscle can you gain in 3 months” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Lilyhen Strength Sabrmetrics – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

eyang7 says:

The back pain got me working out too. If u haven’t got a back pain, u don’t know how bad it is. It’s what changed me to work out too

Pedro Carcharias says:

Love this message and over time I too managed to apply this message to my life and at 41 I am healthier and stronger than any other stage of my life.

George G says:

Everything on planet earth is from nature.
So yes, he’s natural. Just like GH, test, dball, estrogen blockers, clenbuterol, insulin etc.

robinpaul jangra says:

Hell’s YEAH!!!!!!!!!

deadboy600 says:

Where was the bodybuilder?

Soham Bansal says:

What is natural body building?

Tarvesh Gupta says:

thanx a lot

Danni Seliger says:

Within the first minute he proclaims to have become the best version of himself. Definitely not narcissistic that one 😀

Klaus Augentaler says:

I have a question…do I get as creepy as he is and do I lose the good taste for fashion if I start bodybuilding?

Bran Kind says:

This poor guy hasn’t even discovered the root cause of his problems, in order to eliminate instead of medicate. He’s a mouth breather. Note his long narrow face- common sign.

tech tricks says:

Great video more than body building its life changing
Only some people will understand

Niceguy says:

this guy natty? LOL

Melvin Colon says:

Wow, this dude has a phenomenal physique. incredible he was able to overcome such a crippling back problem.

vikas bhat says:

natural bodybuilding is the best way of life. simplicity is best city.

banana-shaped earth says:

What did I learn here? You need to become muscular to become the best of yourself? What the F?
I just watched David Epstein ted talk. It was great. This one is dumbing me down.

ExeKuTioN Cro says:

Isnt this an exact copy of Elliot Hulses “best version of yourself” wtf ?

AMStorm says:

what is his biceps size 44-45cm ?

Maik Sturm says:

Always surprised, how people can express themself in such speeches. Great!

Charles Picard says:

Heavy breathing is what I think B.B. is

Jason Blaha Fitness says:

Lol but this guy aint even natty!! NON NEGOTIABLE

Pedro says:

I eat nattys for breakfast

Jon T says:

Duck eggs

RusticB says:

This was a great speech, and very motivational! I honestly don’t understand why there are so many negative comments below, they’re. probably from people who don’t ever work on themselves physically. Reader, don’t be one of them!


Natural bodybuilding is an oxymoron

Lewis Keeling says:

best version of yourself is just being yourself be happy with what you got

vikas bhat says:

I support natural bodybuilding. I love natural bodybuilding. not steroids

Manuj Madan says:

Am i the only one who likes slim and toned physique?

Shabbos Shekels says:

>natural bodybuilding

Tim Spijkerman says:

This sounds like the biggest amount of belloni I’ve ever had to endure in my life. Not everything he says, but his story, what he says about his past is a lie. 1 million kilos, is impossible to bench as a human being and chronic twists in bone like he describes… not even working out fixes that. The only thing that matters here is what he starts saying about after 5 minutes. Except on how he ends it again… “only by failure I become stronger” with life events yes. Fail in the gym and you could tear some muscle that might hurt for years.

Gary Martens says:

LOL …. could tell he has used anabolics within 5 seconds of seeing him

this is hillarious

GothicTech says:

Become the best version of yourself??? isn’t that the Elliott hulset slogan

REBEL says:

I have ankylosing spondilitis. Started working out a couple months ago. I’m 41. I am getting big very fast. My posture will never be perfect, but it is getting better. If I am cursed to have a hunch back, at least I will be a very large hunch back. I haven’t felt this good in years. Warning, the first time someone notices how big you’re getting, it’s addicting. Just do it folks. Physically and mentally. You become stronger. At 41, it’s fantastic!

Nyibhum Tsering says:

Please i am requesting that ADD SUBTITLE ….it can benefit us N to all the people who r hard to listen english i hope u can understand us

Pyxis Projects General Contracting says:

Calling bodybuilding a sport is totally absurd, it’s judged based on aesthetics, not on any kind of ability or achievement. By that standard modeling would be a sport.

ethan lammers says:

Who’s doing this for school extra credit

Mike Mc says:

Presume he had to pay Ted to get a talking slot?

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