Multi Gym Advice, Watch before you buy!

A quick description on Multi-Gyms and what to look for when buying and how to get the best deal on one.

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Riptide 10x says:

We have Craigslist and here in the states where those gyms sell used for a fraction of the cost, people are practically begging to get rid of them.

TapShack says:

Bob Hoskins? +1 for the video mate!

guardiangarasu says:

I just picked up a XRS 30 for $30 from the guy across the street from me.

Marco Muniz says:

Good info


Funny you mate. Im buying today so im glad i seen this video.

MidwestVillain Z says:

thanks for this amazing series on the multi gym you have done, my question is what exercises should I focus on for trapezius development? and should I incorporate them into Tuesday’s upper body workout?

Le Cobra says:

Hi, good video but I got a question, I think the answer is yes but I want to be sure, can you do reverse fly (for rear delts) on this machine ? Is the arm can go reverse ? Thanks.

ViZiO Music says:

so nice

K Fox says:

What’s the range of motion of the chest press on a multi gym like that?

Just Jammin' says:

Very technical………but amusing with some advice!!!

Frankie B says:

i tried so many of these but they all fuckin suck (assuming you are heavy and you lift heavy)…as soon as some REAL weight is involved they all start to tremble and feel like the screws,nuts and bolts are gonna go flying at any time…if you want a decent ,heavy duty one you have to fork over A LOT of money…..A LOT

Kenneth Williamson says:

If I send you a link to the one I’m interested in at Argos would you be able to give me some advice regarding that multi gym thanks in advance. Grate video

otikzs says:

Awesome. Cheers mate. Like the ending haha

David Henry says:

I’ve recently purchased a mens health jx-1186h home gym which has a 66kg weight stack,the maximum weight restistance is 132kg”.I’m trying to find out what the maximum weight resistance actually means m8,the gym’s only to keep myself toned as i was a bodybuilder a number of years ago and don’t want alot of size this time”.

chris sheena says:

Ha rite ok.I.thort u.sead u made.the extenshon bar so.cude.for more.wehgit

C J Allison says:

Richard, you are handsome, but that’s beside the point…

My question – however silly it may sound – is: how does a multi gym look when it’s delivered? Is it delivered in bits which have to assemble or is it already assembled? I want one of these but I live on the 2nd floor….

James Ashcroft says:

Alright Richard, good video lad. Just wondering though, what make of multi gym would you advise? I’ve looked around on eBay and im not sure what would be best. 

Cheers pal.

Jaya krishna Akula says:

which is best, a multigym or a bench?..can you help me

Gator says:

Hello mate was looking at one on ebay for 200 quid, it says it has Weight stack 65kg providing 90kg maximum resistance, Is that any good for a beginner?

My Dad's Cooler says:

Great gym!!! What do you think of mine???

Red Sora says:

How do u do all the leg workouts?

JoeCnNd says:

most of the time people just want them out of there house for free on craigslist.

Thie V says:

I have a question , is there anyway way to add the weights manually with some kind of attachment because most machine has its max weight stated so I wonder if it iz possible to do so

Erislandy Maybach says:

What do you think about the Powertec Workbench Multi System? I can get a good deal on one but Im not sure if its a worthwhile investment.

Mohamed Ismail says:

Brilliant! Thank you.

Nikole K says:

You can hook ankle or foot straps to the bottom??

Gary Craig says:

Just bought a multi gym to try and lose some weight have the treadmill there aswell which weights should I start off for my work out to lose weight never used weights before

David Henry says:

The armcurl seated and standing’s resistance definitly is stiffer,leg extention also,bench press and flies feel alot heavier if the seat is put forward a bit,backward flies are stiffer too,but lat pulldown is normal,so overall was well worth the ££ m8″.

Henry Ashynturg says:

Found a list of a few similar machines, here: BestFitnessEQ com

TNToncourt says:

Are these machines now obsolete?.Do they use bands now?

Deszerien says:

Richie, I was looking for info on a mutli gym I got from my roommates brother and stumbled on one of your videos. I’m 32, out of shape, and starting to fix myself. I watched some videos, subscribed to your channel, book marked your website, and saved a bunch of your workout files. I’m going to get started right away and just wanted you to know how much I truly appreciate all the work you’ve put in for everybody to have these guides for free. You’re a real hero. Thanks!

Azzally says:

What is the best weight set to get on one when taking into consideration that I use a wheelchair for moving around so my arms are kept somewhat strong and would want a multi primarily for chest/stomach and arms would I be better with 50kg or 100kg?

RAMI J.A says:


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