Mark Wahlberg – Workout

Mark Wahlberg – 2015 Workout


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ReSpawn says:


emrebozkurt800 says:

How come he didn’t fork asian trainer’s eye?

burns83 says:

Leave it normal spead

Reincarna two says:

one day I gonna kick his face

cesar garcia says:

Like #12000

Star secret says:

I got to keep up with mark

jordean gomes says:


DGHF says:

Whats the name of the stuff at 01.40? Where to buy?

Reincarna two says:

interesting to see the midget has a fascinating life especially interesting to be trained by a Chinese he would “” beat down “” in the past ( the clerk was 87 years old weighting 80 pounds ) becoming his ass licker euh..trainer! !?

Scott Wahlberg says:

nice work mark

gabriel cabrera says:

probably he did some crossfit in secret. jkjkjkjjk

Romuald Kaminski says:

Mark is awesome !!

Gautam Kumar says:

HD video.

aprender costurar says:

Q foleco em mark.

Le Duyanh says:

gosh, his workouts start from 4:30 am? what time does he go to bed?

blueapples says:

They didn’t include how he fits in the cigarette breaks. Hilarious that the trainer refers to him as an “athlete”. I guess that kind of flattery is mandatory when employed by a bigshot celebrity. Markie’s not even an actor, let alone an athlete lol. Fire hydrant maybe.

Above All Co. says:

Great! thanks for posting! Keep up the amazing work!

Little Piggie says:

everyone is saying roids, lmao. you guys who say that are just lazy and jump to excuses. you guys be saying mark is on steriods but yet believing the rock is all natty lmao.

Wouter Groot Wassink says:

to all the haters….stfu!!! you have no idea to put yourself trough to get this far….you people think those shakes and protein taking tastes good??? huh….you have to be in pain for 1 or 2 days after workout?? huh??? you do have to do al this eating otherwise you won t gain anything??? huh….so shut up before you even think about it….!!!!no pain no gain….that s the way it is!!!

Stormy Weather says:

The James Franco in Annapolis would have knocked this sucker out.

Criosphinx 101 says:

mark is beyond beast. he’s a fucking monster!

Clark N says:

why do people look up to people that use roids

James Ortmann says:

Crossfit pussy

Brenden Chan says:

I enjoy your content! be sure to head over to my channel and check out my videos, it would be much appreciated 😀

#RedoNet says:

song name ???

Ja Le says:

sonofbitch racist

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