Man Of Steel Workout Tips

Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Zack Snyder and more give their tips on the amazing Man of Steel workout, and how to get in shape.

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Paul Piacentini Jr says:

Alot of working out at the gym and eatting more food( healthy food) can help make you get bigger. If you have a active job or do a lot of active things then gain will be harder. These actors don’t do anything active besides the gym. They can actually get ripped by going to the gym everyday for a few months and eatting alot. There is also a way that after you gain weight and turn it to muscle that you can shred fat fast with cardio and some energy drinks. You will still have the mass but just drop the fat so your body will look big as it get ripped. I have found this out by personal experiences.

lovedasticks says:

He doesn’t just stick to one steroid.

goat fucker says:

i hate supermans girlfriend…she is like a retard crying all the time and get saved by superman many times

Yoda Darkness says:

So I’m hearing…have time and money to pay for a personal trainer…lol thanks  😛

jakethemuss3 says:

Great learned nothing I didn’t know before. Also agree that he was on steroids.

HouseTreeHillDog Forest911406Allen says:

Why can’t i just take a pill that turns my body into Swarchenegger or some shit…fuck life would be so much fucking easier.

Izzy Sa says:

ur back gives up when the muscles are weak or have nots. do deadlifts and squats but light then and weight as u little by little

Javier Cruz Kell says:

Amy Addams, you already are way sexier than a Victoria Secret’s Model.

TheAlexmercer360 says:

antje traue is inexplicably beautiful,lot hotter than amy adams,lol.


I know that but he has more of an Australia or British accent which I could be way off and in the movie he had what to me would be a regular voice speak tone what ever the hell it is . I guess I’m trying to say in the movie he has a regular everyday accent most people use

james dye says:

he pretty much called the dude a dork 

Laurence Ursal says:

I just saw Hulk o.O

Darkman says:

people who say he didnt take steroids dont even lift. They think they can achieve that body in months because he is not that big. Not everyone who uses steroids is going to look like Ronnie Coleman, there are drugs for cutting fat too.

eric reckhield says:

Haha! The actor who plays zod, talks like a 80 years old man.

Jason poodoo says:


Zdravko Beykov says:

Is there any person in here who has over 1 year of bodybuilding experience and thinks Henry didn’t take steroids? If there is, I have some bad news for them.

evilsonic9999 says:

general zod looks like a old man in this interview lol..

Jonathan Modoh says:

Dat jawline and cheekbones doe Henry!

guy tremblay says:

if you want to look like superman there is only one way , buy his dress

Dakers11 says:

I like what Mike Shannon had to say. Because, my favorite back exercise is T-Bar Rows, for a good Latissimus dorsi workout.

Sniper Swick says:

What, Zach should’ve done, is get someone to write a better script than “Batman v Superman!” The list of issues with that film is lengthy. Amy Adams…..marry me!!

Raditz says:

1:46 He visited snap city

lairdriver says:

Some people just can’t accept the fact that hard work can get you a build like that. So they passionately pound that steroid button like they passionately pound their fat ass. Get this straight, only a fucking moron uses steroids. The end result is so not worth the temporary looks that fade over time as you get older. Your body will remind you that you did steroids when you were younger. Such as a testosterone deficit, and as such your body produces estrogen. Kidney, liver, heart, blood pressure and you have yourself a wasted life. Train naturally. There are millions of guys that do. So many haters lol.

Colin Ng says:

Michael Shannon is a world-class actor.

Rio Winaryo says:

i think Hugh Jackman is more rip than Henry Cavil today.

Izzy Sa says:

the most important part in ur body is the core and lower back. Work that out first before anything, otherwise ur back will always give up on u

gutspillage says:

I’m one of those Henry Cavill inspired to work out.

Armando Carricaburu says:

Ellanois I beg to differ it is all in the genes. That’s all I got to say

Mistuh Pumpkin says:

Be kryptonian… or sayan for that matter.

Pyrochyde says:

“Man of Sustanalone”

DKYetti says:

How come no one wants to talk about the other kryptonians? They had nice bods too And that Kryptonian with short hair come on she was hot as fuck.


I didn’t know Henry Cavill had an accent

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