Leg Workout w/ Jeff Seid

Shoulder workout: http://youtu.be/9eeXrH7hGPA

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1. 225×7
2. 275×6
3. 315×6
4. 335×6
5. 345×6
6. 355×4

Squats Pyramid (No Rest!!)

• 135×5
• 185×5
• 235×5
• 285×5
• 235×5
• 185×5
• 135×5

Leg Press

1. 555×8
2. 735×8
3. 915×6

Super Set: Quad Ext. w/Hamstring Curls

1. 180×15
2. 180×15
3. 180×12 Drop Set 8 reps
180×10 Drop Set 8 reps
4. 180×12 Drop Set 10 reps
180×6 Drop Set 6 reps

Dead Leg Lunges

• 3 sets of 20 steps w/ 60lbs each arm



Daniel Oon says:

if he had bigger calves his physique is complete

LiftOrGTFO says:

Your boy’s name is coochie? LOLLL

Edward Huang says:

Why does a random black kid just staring at Jeff Seid and doing nothing make me so mad?

Sport Novi says:


Syrum says:

Jeff said the type of nigga to wear a stringer on leg day

The Zyzz take over g says:

He kinda looked bigger here than in his late chatroulette video uploaded

Jack Silm says:

Your such a Cock 10.28 minutes. Was that machine fucking you.

An Lê says:

người việt điểm danh

Akbar shaik says:

Nice.bro.. I try tomorrow squat day..

Aleksi Niemelä says:

TOTAL 26sets for legs!? Guys dont fucking do this workout! It is ONLY for steroid users! I am 100% sure that someone stupid boe try this out and next day he was in the Hospital because he couldnt move his legs… Jeff is at the Gym about 4hours per day and that isnt normal PLS HELP HIM!

Schamottriese says:

Gym Bro level over 9000

Tyler John says:

he has a spotter when there’s literally a spot bar where you’re standing

vinnytalarico says:

9:38 kid just take fucking TREN GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! KILL THAT SHIT

Hubchard Gains says:

First 30 seconds I fucking lold

Stark-Firs says:

Don’t call this leg workout if you don’t even train calves, the most visible muscle on your leg

Ayaan Khan says:

his legs workout are good but his legs are not

YOUlookprettygud says:

hammies? NNNNaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh diud. Calves? NNNNNNNAAAAAHHH DED.

Luke Gall says:

Bro Jeff is beast

G FM says:

Jeffrey, sergi is gonna rip your anus. You shoud quit bodybuilding and join some beauty contest, princess

bi nhok says:

shoulder workout right after leg killing session? man ur a fucking beast

Martin Ward says:

Squats don’t work every muscle in the body, but do work more muscles than any other exercise.

Melroy Miranda says:

17.10 which song is that??

Mr Othmane says:

10:08 look to the girl behind

Ian. Amazin says:

Can i do squat everyday

HD WhatsApp Status says:


James Brogden says:

I think squats was to heavy no wonder he injuried his lower back. Less weight better form also the leg press i think was for show

Caligula VII says:

Tell that black kid to fuck off…dumb af.

ba77ar90 says:

ppl soo jealous of this guy just look at the comments lol

Erik Wernemar says:

Where did all the plates go..?
oh! Jeff Seid is doing leg day..!

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