Learn How to Pose Like A Bodybuilding Pro

Learn How to Pose Like A Bodybuilding Pro http://tinyurl.com/pjw8r2g – click to learn how to overcome your limitations – Want to Learn How to Pose Like A Bodybuilding Pro? In this video, IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski teaches an MI40 student how to pose like a bodybuilding professional.

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juice quan says:

Subscribe to my channel just started my bodybuilding journey nice video i need a coach

CJ Fitness says:

Acne, Belly and Soft. didn’t he say 4 weeks out on contest??

Austin Esau says:

Those quads though…

Robert Shupinski says:

he cant even do a stomach vaccuum

A Few Strange things says:

lol alot of fat there, he seems worn out just from posing he might try breathing through his nose not holding his breath he looks in pain

ZT Fitness says:

I have trouble with the rear Lat spread, this was really informative though

George Alfred says:

Awsome clip! this will help so muchBLOODY GOLD!!!

redalert375 says:

gut not loyal

Wille Ekholm says:

What are thooooooooes?

M. A. Hasnat says:

Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have heard several unbelivable things about it and my work buddy lost lots of weight with it.

ianthe fishable says:

Looks like alien is about to pop out his stomach!

Timmery Yoder says:

Good video. I like how he tells what to do and why. The little pointers he gives with explanations, relates it to everyone to be able to understand. Good idea to use a new poser to teach…. Great job! 

nightangel exbeon says:

am i the only guy whose close to overweight here.

EstasExagerando says:

Im not saying this in a bad way… but did he just eat a buffalo? his stomach is bloated !

Archate says:

4 weeks out?!? No way….

Smb Weideman says:

good info going to use this for sure in my first show

Mhm Bob says:

idk why any guy would wanna be this buff it looks ridiculous to me :/

Fitness Training Motivation says:

Great video from B Pak. He not only explains how to hit each pose but he gives the science behind the muscles.


Good luck in the competition

Dave Edwards says:

u should rub oil to the body

johnulcer says:

Hey Ben, what’s your stack?

Milton says:

why is his lower back so hyper extended in the beginning poses

Rob Cannon says:

I love the haters in the comment section. I know it’s OK. one day you will love yourself enough.

Isack Bjerregard says:

For a sec i thought it was Jimmy Tatro 

xave man says:

bubble gut bonanza, gota confuse the judges right babe

Dave Keller says:

Thanks Ben and Matt, really awesome video!

Berglund says:

any tips on how to improve mind muscle connection in the chest. (Got alot better mind muscle connection in my right pec)

JayOneSpirit says:

Thanks for the video guys, really informative.

ProjectV3 says:

Guy is way bigger than me but wow does he look bad/unhealthy and out of shape. Disgusting

Chad Miller says:

This guy is carrying a lot of fat to be four weeks out.

Mead Abu-Assad says:

GOOD luck

Josh Winn says:

Those calves lol.

johnathan terrance says:

bubble gut bubble bubble gut

Burak ÖRS says:

Göbek bitirmiş olayı…

Noah Ritter says:

this guy has more of a powerlifter physique… but his midsection is fucked upp and bf looks a bit high for someone that will be competing 4 weeks away

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