Lazar Angelov Chest/Back Workout 2014
Music produced by Xanos


Hesenov Aga says:

ben beden yekeltmede seni qaydasiz doyusdede yuri Boykani seviyomm senden yokkk vallahi

JINTU Mani DEKA says:

love u

يوسف الشمري says:

تمرينك غلط

ather ali choudhry says:

v nice…gud body

SD K says:

i can not lift more then 10 kg in barebell bench press. just 3 sets by 10 only.. it has been 3 months now. my arms are very weak.. i don’t know when i will be able for at least 40kg.

Mostafa Sohem says:

nam of th song

Tamerlan Batchaev says:

Roids or not, it doesn’t mean the muscles will come itself. People using Roids still TRAIN.

Farzan Fathi says:

does he rent gym to work out ??

يوسف الشمري says:

Workout mistake

le Mitchell says:


Guillermo Herrera says:

hay alguien aquí que hable espanish???

ismayıl mehdiyev says:

çok güzel

heru jigo says:

wuiihh…body ny keren om..

billabundook says:

Do you even lift?

Murat Ulusoy says:


Cxeri93 says:

he has the face of a bully

CHRIS198490 says:

steroids people who think it is natural you must be fucking brainless

Akela x cgm says:

Dont lock your elbows bro it’s degerous

Jagdish Margal says:

Jagdish margal

samet çolak says:

Müzik için gelenler burdamı ? 2 yıldır burdayım be

Trip home says:

Training back and chest at same time? huuh, will say 4 musclegroups in total in 1 workout? Thats silli.

raman wayne says:

Beast Mode on

Avinash pk says:

nice body

arish mansoori says:


Asadel H. says:

This guy is like the modern Arnold. What an amazing physique….just, wow *_*

Pranav Pranav Seven Mask says:

your time….all the best..

Blaž Bejek says:


Google Tech Support says:

I dont like his face.

tankrage17 says:

this guy is a pain in my eyes …., cheeesh i’m a natural fitnesser for 7 years now and i don’t even look like that but i bet i can easely pull he’s weight for sure .



Hortensia Acuña says:

Oleee invictus lazarrrr son los mejores un besito mi guapo

Adham Elzareh says:


Alex Fili says:

Who the hell shaves the hair on the chest?

Malik says:

i like your body brother
your body is very good shape and good size

Thank You Allah | شكرا يا رب says:

Shirt lazer anglove click here

Raj Rajkumar says:


Евгений Сололол says:


Farzan Fathi says:

nice body , a good_looking face .

John K says:

working, but i just wana hit gym now damn

Robert Arnold says:

What was your body weight during this video?

Robert Arnold says:

Well then fuck him if he doesn’t respond to any…I’m 6″ 245lbs with decent abs. He’s nothing to me, I was just curious about his stats for this post.

Ayaan Shaikh says:

he is natural

DrunkenPumpkins says:

afterwards he injected steroids right up his ass…

Mohammad Kaif Qureshi says:

plz help me fat store in my can decrease this fat plz asked me what to do??

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