John Cena – Training Strategy

John Cena – Training Strategy




Zereb Zereb says:

What is his name?

Bruno Mirkovic says:

o,my God

Provost says:

Who’s this video about? I can’t see anyone.

manny cortes says:

now there is a guy who cuts his own hair, you’re a millionaire go to a barber! you’re blend is terrrrrible

steven marriott says:

If this guy tells the Honest Truth that he does not ever take Steroids and can get as big and strong as this in the gym NATURALLY!! then anyone can smash it in the gym with Heart and proper mind set!!

crazy fights says:

I can’t see him

Jiipee Homo says:

all he trains is fagot powerlifting movements he hasnt got his physique with training like this

DCee says:

I like Cena but he is a major juicer but, he also works hard.

Its KinnyMon says:

so what was his routine? I just saw the 2:40 ad that didnt have skip waiting for it.. think this video isnt loading correctly

reg profant says:

mike fuck you. they still have to train. something a lazy ass like you obviously doesn’t do as it’s easier to just sit on your fat lazy ass and yell roids.

FreedomWorkShop says:

2:00 They don’t shirt change their athletes… best the money can buy.. *no paint on the walls*

Danilo Amorim says:


Shovel est says:

The Snatch is a great exercise by the way…HGH jaw ain’t.

American Man says:

I can’t see him.

Gosh Josh says:

what kind of cycle is he on?

Daniel Clanton says:

Have you been to Texas A&M facility?

cb7pwn says:

training strategy, really!>!?? its called take a fuck ton of steroids and lift heavy stuff…

Godmax says:

The stuff he usually posts is deadlift or squats or some shit. That guy is more a powerlifter than a bodybuilder or whatever.

HachiZenki says:

“Eat clen, tren hard.”

Crystal Greenwood says:


6ixty says:

How much would he be lifting there?

gmanz5 says:

This wasn’t a training strategy video so much as it was an advertisement for Mad Dog’s gym at the University of Texas

Джейсон Вурхиз says:

JOHN CENA !!!!!!!!

GuavaBreaker JELLO says:

I hate john cena

NIGGAS says:

does this faggot even lift?

MsLucascraft says:

What is his name ?

Kaleb Narens says:

Daddy’s home?

Una says:

John Cena is my dream boyfrend ✌

TingBunna says:

nah Bama’s weight room is straight fire, they’re football program work in iron heaven

Devender Singh says:


mnGa Rise says:

تعال علينا بورما في كتير من كذا

CoolStoryBroWhoCares says:

Hes admitted to roids all you dick riders need to learn more about the dick you’re riding before you ride it.

miguel manzano says:

nice one john cena

stickyhillman99 ouf says:

is champ there??

Dale Jones says:

UT is Tennessee not Texas

Mike Fu says:


igor chuchvaga says:

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