John Cena‏ ‏‎BodyChange tip of the day The Mountain

Hi Bodychangers!
Check out the tip of the day: The Mountain Climber.
Enjoy! — ‏مع ‏‎John Cena – WWE Universe‎‏.‏


EAprima says:

Thanks for that, John.  That is a damn good work out. I’m feeling the effects already and that’s from one set.  

*Hope John actually get to read this message.

nathan mclaughlin says:

can you be 13 stone and do this workout to get a six pack someone please write back

Blue says:

its not normal or natural to be that huge lol

Pedro paulo says:

good Cena

Azra says:

anyone here has to understand that if you’re not slim enough you won’t get your six pack, you need to be 15% body fat or lower, 15% six pack only being noticeable if you have an extremely good core, around 12% and lower is where you start noticing a six pack, if you don’t have low enough body fat then this is useless (outside of the fact it does build strength and muscle) you won’t see a six pack with fat covering it.

Hanzel Comparan says:

It hurts my back when I’m doing this 🙁 I’m not doing these right


fuck i did it but i sheet in the carpet

Jay Hamilton says:

You have to be the wwe champion or tag team champion with rey mystrio have fun working out
From Jay

nathan mclaughlin says:

im 13 stone could i do this and get a six pack

Aakash roy says:

Seems like good exercise I will try this

Randomness DJ07 says:

Definitely adding this to my ab workout routine.

Abdurahman Saraliev says:

thenkyuo veri match

wuzz666 satan says:

ok nice

Obszczymucha says:

I’ve done this exercise for 3 sets 15 reps and the next day I woke up with a six pack!! It really works!!

Markus Pepsin RBLX says:

John Xena could beat you at least so ooooooo

ankush salkar says:

John cena is god…luv you cena…..

paul pogba says:

that is the good one

Markus Pepsin RBLX says:

Sorry typo cena

Jin de Leon says:

Can I do this alernating my left & right foot similar to mountain climbers but w/ a slower pace?

David Woodward H says:

Not free

BorG iS GooD says:

Shut up cena and sit on my face

4ever TERRORwc says:


Diamondelle84 says:

Well placed mirror. 😉

Jose Salinas says:

John’s #1!!

Battlefront Games 14 says:

I’m 10 and I have a 6 pack

Arfan Tabbaa says:

Hey I have a six pack

el ouasrhiri Mohammed says:

thank you

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