Jeff Seid’s SHREDDED CLUB – Day 1 – Chest/Triceps Workout

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Aaron Mcglocklin says:

awesome workout thanks worked great for me today

Lucky Kumar says:

How to get a lean body fast as possible and what supplements and diet should i take to cut down my fat if I am having my weight 85 kilograms?
Help Needed
Thanks in advance

Deivid Bernadickas says:

why do the weights change with every cut at the first triceps exercise

Saxon 4 says:

Does this Jeff really listen to gay music outside videos ?? Also is this Valentino a German Italian ?

Absolutgaming says:

Jeff seid the immortal

Bhagirath Parmar says:

need all songs that use in this video plz ..

Felix Staxos says:

Perfect…Congrats!!! ….Does This Exercises Works Inner Chest Too ?? *Sorry For Bad English…I Am Greek ^_^*


I always feel Jeff is trying to resist the urge to laugh when the other guy is speaking German

Andres Pozo says:

What’s the name of the music that starts in 2:46 min please

Cafer Celik says:

63 yaşında olmama rağmen bende bu spora başladım ve sonuçları yavaşda olsa almaya başladım

Nazly Rosli says:

the camera focus too much on his nippy.

Aviral Gautam says:

what is alternative exercise of cable cross over

Hubba Yumm says:

Ist time here and it only took one look at that hair for me to never return

Jason Zhang says:

do me

Chang Charlie says:

lol, half-reper!

Crave88evarC says:


sack gesicht says:

the german one has acne. suspicious 😀

BlackM4 says:

pretty motherfucker

Fitness Shape says:

7;19 song please please

Floris - says:

Intro song?

Tuấn Nguyễn says:

6.15 music please….

Ha Lam says:

Is it possible for beginner to take this exercise ?

Dany ́s Travel and Fitness Diary says:

When I say shredded, I mean shredded !!!! And when I mean shredded I say shredded

Daniela Dellavecchia says:

why is jeff so hot its un fair

hung quoc says:

14:04 song please anyone

carlos grasida says:

can someone tell me if when chance of round, have to increase the lift?

Russell Doyle says:


Artyom Idk says:

Can we finally have a playlist or can you shut up whenever the song is playing?

Ozair Ahmad says:

perfect thank you

Prince Hmd says:

Happiness starts with an H… But for me, happiness starts with

Angry Seagull says:

Music please :'(((((

Noor Aldeen says:

hi man iam from iraq
iam want to gain how ??
and fitness

Christian Adrian Galindo Mori says:

hola shape you soy gran admirador tuyo aqui de peru dime cual es la cancion del 2:25 porfavor gracias

Smashgame Athletics says:

Determination + Action = Growth! I absolutely love this content!

Daniel Gutierrez says:

very douchebag type feel

Hussain- R says:

Can i train with this routin

Andrew 96 says:

why 4 sets? not enough 3?

TheDarylMusic says:

Hi i have a question What is dropset?

Ильнур Альбаков says:

У Джефа как будто глаза подкрашены)))

Muhammad Fahim says:

speak german

elemér ló says:

A két pali…feje majd szétdurran a koksztól…idióták

06hurdwp says:

Hey guys can you please post the name of the song starting at 2:34???

sack gesicht says:

another exercise for the lower pec pls except dips

Micaela Francis Milan says:

best gym instructions.. very precised.. more power Jeff Seid and Felix Valentino

Chauhan Smit says:

jaff said bodybuilding is so good

Misanthropy says:

This is so stupid. Most of the sports science literature advises against training till failure because the recovery, increased chance of injury, and form breakdown associated is not worth it for the insignificant increase in muscular stimulation. Most if not all strength athletes do not train till failure because of this. It’s just sub-optimal.

On top of that the thing he said about bringing your elbows in to target your chest more is bullshit too. Bringing your elbows does the opposite and increases the work the triceps and deltoids do by reducing the range of motion of your pectoralis major to your humerus bone which as a result reduces the amount of torque necessary from the shoulder joint to fully extend.

There is also no way to fully isolate the chest or the upper chest(sternal head) from your shoulder muscles either, they are supporting muscle groups that contract within the same axis. Your sternal pectoral attaches onto your humerus literally right next to your anterior deltoid. They pull the humerus in the exact same direction.

JCprodutions808 says:

I mean, do German people really need a translator? been in Germany countless times and never had a problem talking to them

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