Jay Cutler’s Training Tips: Dumbbell Shoulder Press Technique

4 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler explains the proper way to perform the Dumbbell Shoulder Press!

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shashank Naringrekar says:

Thank u jay. I do the same form. But at times whenever. I. Go on 70 lbs. for shoulder dumbbell press. I feel bit of catch in my right rear delt. Next day which stays for atleast 2 to 3 days . I had. Did injured my shoulder few years back but it’s better. Now. Is there anyone who could help me

3245james says:

I was doing them wrong….. Thanks Jay!

spydah55 says:

Right way for a bodybuilder**

Antonio Champion says:

who can argue would Jay Cutler? standing would be better and involving triceps would be more beneficial. the body was not to be used by isolation and carry over to functionality would be better with fewer iso moves.

John Naismith says:

You’re not Jay Cutler

Peter Addison says:

thanks Jay

KeLviN Wong says:

hi jay ,I would Like to ask what time use drop set and superset in the training is the better thank you !!!!

Code Griffith says:

eventhough he’s on roids, he still teaches the right thing

Seema Kapoor says:

Great tips thanks..

asheem.chhetri says:

quick question, how much angle should be there on the bench, as I make it 90 degree and curve my back a bit, which sometimes dont end up well.

Shanta Dataram says:

hallo hoi Jay cutler met ales goed Shanta byna jarige 4 maand nog niet wil jammer Jay cutler

caged lion says:

jays my fav. still big as fuck

ameen quarishi says:

Sorry jay I don’t agree ! Coming down below parallel puts a lot stress on the rotator cuff muscles and that’s not full range of motion.

Dejan Dancu says:

“And that’s the right way. And If anyone of you motherfuckers got a problem with that, you can just kiss my ass. Punk ass bitches.”

Riadh Ouldali says:

jay cutler is the best

Berk Arslan says:

3 important tips for free that is not mentioned in this video:

1- Use your hips to get the dumbbells to the starting point if you struggle.
2- Lower that bench for 10-15 degrees to decrease the arc in your back and take the pressure off.
3- Lay your head to the back and don’t move it while you are lifting and beware that the dumbbells are not too ahead of your head. (It caused me pull a muscle on my neck since the neck takes the pressure if the dumbbells are too ahead).

1202_ProgramAlarm says:

You should bring your shoulder forward 30 degrees, otherwise you’ll get an impingement

Aaryan Dev says:

thnx man 🙂

aibel99 says:

dude what did you eat?

Heroic Love says:

And that’s the right way. Because Jay Cutler said so bitches.

Leo Corona says:

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but look at his right bicep. It looks different from his left. Old injury? (I don’t know much about Cutler).

Milen Penev says:

So the right way is to do half a rep? Omg ….

FearIanNow says:

Did 8 hours of shoulder presses to confuse the body. now i cant fit thru any door. Whatever it takes

domenico mason says:

Thanks that’s helps allot!!!!

Kyle Williams says:

Also, don’t forget to use roids

Steven Crane says:

I am really confused i see this that says to set the arms almost out to the side of the shoulder. Then i see other videos that say your arms kneed to be about at a 30 degree bend

J5th Records says:

He’s right here. Past a certain point during this press, the humerus does not raise any further so any additional movement would just be done by the triceps. That would be a waste of energy if you are focusing on shoulders. Same applies to all pressing movements, I see too many people just trying to lift weight rather than take the muscle group thru its full range of motion and only its full range of motion.

Clay says:

Very helpful videos, thanks

Lars Vogel says:

Is it me or he looks smaller ?

Steven Crane says:

I was wondering I saw some where that u should position your arms almost like your doing a arnold press. Also should you square your shoulders when you do a shoulder press

Jar Sardar says:

buddy your on crank so any kind of for would work for you.

Lisa ten Holt says:

So if you have splits like back, chest+shoulders etc, but when you do back, the next day you’re soar in your back as well as you biceps, does that mean that you didn’t isolate the back enough and let the bicep involve too much?

Ryan says:

Your left hand is wider and higher than the right.. or my eyes is fucking crooked

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