Jason Statham – Training and Body Transformation

How Jason staying ripped in his almost 50 years old!

Ramin Djawadi – Strings of prisoners (ost Prison Break)
VOVIII – Apache (Bvrnout Remix)


Tech Real says:

One punch man before and after get bald 🙂

M.K.D. says:

how can someone like him? he is not even completely bald !

Polar Bear says:

Very inspirational thank you for sharing. I train the same way.

Doge Doge says:

Nikoo my cousinn!

Dante Lipschits says:

he is perfect

Swati Gupta says:

*His posing posture is not good i mean bent forward… it can affect his back*

kelly wilson whitehead says:

Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne

Katia says:

I like His very much!!!!!!:),:)-He is the best!!!

Storm Derek says:


Brent De Ranter says:


Starry Live says:

What? Almost 50? He looks 30

commenthu says:

Fly guy. 60 kg

VeryLongUsernameThat Doesn'tMakeTooMuchSense 1 says:

Crazy how he got into that shape with only calisthenics

volvo245 says:

That face is just going to get more aesthetic as he gets older…Lucky bastard 🙂

Rey Donald Trump says:

nice body natural, People no soids, statam is natural!!!

Tomáš Repčik says:

Jason Statham is best actor on the world.

Manh-Hai Müller says:

Wow! nice Motivation speech! most of the time the videos seem more like forced or not genuine but this Clip is legit! you can relate which is really essential!

Andy CSGO&LOL says:

he is doing street workout xd

John Smith says:

He honestly really dosent have much muscle. He just has a low body fat %

Ali Shani says:

My favt actor. Good actor and hero

Dany2Great says:

He needs to work on his chest thickness and width. Looks like he skipped chest day.

Rhamsody Phage says:

“once your mind is polluted with consequences….” So True!

Sec 2T1 Jefferson Tan Jing Heng says:

he do calisthenic which is called bodyweight exercises he can do human flag front lever

Simen M says:

whats the song in the beginning?

waj khaj says:

people of half his age also find it difficult to achieve such physique!!!

Chris Lav says:

boxing movie be class jason for one your further movies.

Swiss Militis Christi LXXII says:

1:12 Statham looks like it’s the first time he’s skiing.

Nikolas March says:

tyson fury

ttokunagal12 says:

2:35 what I had just been doing… I think I’ll get up now.

Alexander Rutherford says:

next james bond

Mr 11 says:

I never knew he was an English man until hearing this accent

Jay Heredia says:

song? from 0 to 0:24

DeLiqueRS says:

Level of testosterone in this video is too damn high.

Emmanuel Alvarez says:

eres el mejor jason

Dhanish Mahmood says:

Is it me or do I hear the same prison break background music throughout lol

John Wick says:

Great Diet and​ exercise

astala vista says:

jeah work out its feeling good but work for the job is death for you live

squirtieboy says:

Božo Transporter

nikon d3200 says:

great actor

Shahbaaz Khan Sk says:

I’m ​always available whenever he’s on theater screens…

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