How to warm up before exercise

How to warm up before exercise –

We have loads of different workouts coming your way over the coming weeks, workouts you can do at home or at the gym. You can use equipment and weights or not if you don’t have any or prefer not to.

This 5 min warm up is for you to refer to & this will help raise your heart rate, your body temp, get fluid moving around your joints and thus make you ready for a better, safer workout.

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Please only attempt exercises from this video if you are fit to do so, if unsure please consult your health care professional first!


Sparkle Kennels says:

No need this much run 1 km it’s enough

The champions boss says:

Very Nice kkkk
Help me!!! Kkk

Shannon Gibson says:

Just look for Unflexal workouts. You will find there the best workouts instructions.

Rozaimi Jarib says:

Ahhh kimochi ne

JoeMD says:

Awesome, Amazing, Thanks for the great video… Very helpful

kevin rosete says:

When ur warm up is my workout lol.

Sabrina G says:

You should warm up before you do squats and lunges, like go for a jog or other cardio to get the blood flowing so you don’t injure yourself doing squats and lunges with cold tight muscles.

Viki GG says:

Now i know that this video is not relevant at all now, but i still thought that I’m gonna leave this comment here saying that at the time of posting I am 15 years old, weigh 51 kg and my height …. wait for it….. 181cm ! I have been working out for 3.5 months now after being in a hospital for quite some time am have gained 3.something kilos in muscle mass !

I guess what I’m trying to say is – The only way to build muscle, no matter how gradually, is to stay up to your diet (specially crafted for you needs), workout consistently, passionately, and always pushing to your physical limits no matter how tired you may get.

Given that this comment is in a beyond relevant section and I’ve written far more text that a usual human is willing to read, i just want somebody, anybody, who reads this text to reply in any way/shape/form so I can rest knowing that I haven’t wasted 12 minutes writing this and that somebody has read this. And if you have i imagine you’ve wasted some time here with me but I sure hope you found it helpful. Because every person who writes a comment wants to be acknowledged. And as always, keep up the work-out!

Brenda Olivarez says:

Me: looks up warm up video Warm up video:”alright were Guna start with a squat”

camélia Hope says:

Thank you so much , now i can proof that my class mates are complete retards , thank you very much , you saved me

yap kent says:

How many second each exercise?

Vivid Girl says:

I’m totally subscribing I loved how you kept it clear

Rozaimi Jarib says:

Ahhh i wanna cum

Bhavna Kakad says:

JUST the kinda warm up i was looking for ! Thank you !!

Mr Peppermint says:

I’m 13

MysterionTM says:

How the fuck you expect a Beginner to turn into Bruce Lee for their workout???? Oh wait IT’S ONLY THE BLOODY WARM UP

Harun R says:

I’m watching this while drinking Mountain Dew & Smoking a cigarette.

miha petek says:


jihkosmos says:

How many reps or for how long for each?

Pursuit of Pleasure says:

I’m watching this thinking that guy seems really unfit.. will probably eat my words in 10 mins when I’m doing this warmup

jonathan francis says:

how is this a damn warm up??

Lisa Poey says:

can I eat before doing this warming up? beginner here..

kingedkarl says:

Thank you this is what I needed , I have just been running on the elipical before my weight workout but I’m going to switch to this

Jc14 Romero says:

What will happen if I dont warm up and exercise immediately?

Levy Ocampo says:

Oh man I wish I saw this before I pulled a muscle doing my exercise lol

Tommy McDonagh says:

It’s not good to warm up with a squat…

vikas vikeee says:


gurmukh singh says:

Thanks brother. Finally found some good warm up exercises in ur video

Elijah Waite says:

what if i injure myself doing a warm up

Biswaranjan Mallick says:

Nice tips

Sunny Saifi says:

1:02 this warm up exercise will already tear a thigh muscle or injure the knee if you are a little overweight, and you did not do any stretching at the beginning

mmdd Ssaa says:

No bullshit straight to the point

pawan kumar says:

Very useful while u have no more time.

LuckyDucky0110 says:

Lunge and knees
Leg swings
Star jumps
Press ups/push ups
Squat thrusts

Zack Light says:

So how to warm up before warming up?

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