How to Start Going to the Gym

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Ali Baba says:

i didnt know that gamers could be buff

Ruuthly says:

Censor make a video about what you wear to the gym and what’s in your gym bag please like this so he can see this

Technomad says:

Less preaching MORE information , JEEZ. =/

Jamie Coulthard says:

what music are you listening to?

Atila Sohan says:

You should recycle that pot !

pedro gracida says:

Yoo sick video everything is motivational

Dhruv KP says:

why didnt i watch this a long time ago?

Solo Fraggers says:

the mama was watching some bad things

siZeDcuBe says:

79 average? as in 79%? how’s that bad

Ososick says:

I want to go to the gym but not alone

Ayyy Bass says:

Boii what’s that gym where are the machines at

Ludvig Almroth says:

Giv more tips on wath to start wid wen you are in the gym

pariskotsaros says:

$250 a month for supplements? Cocaine would be cheaper

Quentin Carre says:

Nice logic song in the background

Ayyy Bass says:

My gym is 120$ a year plus tax = 140$

Moto1818 says:

i’m 13 and i can do one arm pushups and i can do 15 of them!!

ramez1st -agario says:

I love how he is being friendly to his mum!

Bespoke Kil says:

This guy really understands struggles, the nearest gym for me is a good 10 miles (I’m country side foke) like! Cool guy!

Lazar Novovic says:

nice vid man!!

Cong Tv says:

Nice vid

Jelify says:

I go to a gym for 20 a year

girlsdrinkfeck says:

fuck is ya small house in like 7 stories ? lol

Jazzy Games says:

I’m illergic to peanuts

NightFlutter says:

i got a pull up home, should i still go to gym?

The Phapper says:

100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats
10 km run
7 days a week

Delekh says:

Your push-up form is horrible

Latenci's Dad says:

79 average is bad?!

I am a pig eyed traitor That is in love with Putin says:

What if you just want to get a little stronger and buld more stamina? Do you need all that protein stuff? Say I just want to box and hit the heavy bag?

SUPER DZ31 says:

1:38 lol

Nathan Wilson says:

What about lifting?

Ebony Street says:

I’m 16 and I want to go to the gym but my nanny thinks I’m crazy and I said I want to stay healthy and fit do I sound crazy when I say that

Alterate Awful says:

U dont need artificial proteins to gain muscles , eat normally , drink 1 l milk before exercising and one afte3, do that 30 days and see the results

ger wen says:

You’re such a pussy lmao

Minge_Eater95 says:

That is the biggest gym I have ever seen

Ayesea says:

Did he really just say $250 a month off just supplements!!??? Wow.

Suvrat Salwan says:

Now I am a pro gamer, that’s what I call a real fun job

Ívan Er Sá Skelfilegasti says:

I work out on an empty stomach.

Burnt Toaster Strudel says:

If ur looking for a great tasting protein powder, the best one ive found so far is Syntha 6. Their shit tastes so good, epeciall if you use milkk instead of water

Christian Cortes says:

Did he say his job was playing call of duty I’m pretty sure that’s not a real job but no judgement

Lone Wolf says:

What if i dont want to take supplements ?

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