How to Grow a Huge Neck and Traps | Science Explained (14 Studies)

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Rahul Khatri says:

Thanks, I needed this!

The Order of the Black Dragon says:

you were born to bore !

dalton bardwell says:

Your kidding right heavy deadlifts once a week? I rack pull 7 plates aside 3-4 times a week

Passive Income Dude says:

Just awesome! Quality info and exactly what i was hoping for

Trace Clark says:

Thanks Jeff Nippels

Randy Hendrix says:

Now to make your voice more manly

Darth Vader says:

You’re girl is delicious

SupremeMystique says:

Can this cause nerve damage?

Deven Dietrich says:

Just wear a football helmet around the house boys.

Rob Martel says:

Good video, I’m surprised you didn’t mention reverse shrugs. I like this exercise. I’d like to know the difference between the targeted areas between shrugs and reverse shrugs

Google Times says:

So great we have REAL scientific studies now, in the 90’s it was all “Systems”, Dorians system versus Arnolds, and many in between, to date I’ve found 3 scientific facts on building muscle, all with large double blind studies. 1. Drop sets increase muscle size by a whopping 50%, while straight sets provide more strength. 2. The negative must go slow as that’s where we’re strongest, by going slow we tear more fibers. 3. It’s better to hit a bodypart twice a week moderately than once a week in a savage way, this one surprised me, no steroid users only have 48 hours to recuperate, so hit it too hard and you won’t have time to recover, but hit it solid, burn fibers, in 48 hours the muscle will rebuild and sometimes grow, then do it again. We’re not used to this, or me because I always read bodybuilders routines, clearly with steroids it changes everything.

Ulises Ventura says:

Very well made video dude! Keep it up!

Ray Cervantes says:

Talk about scholarly

Flemming Tønnesen says:

that girl is beautifull

Darth Vader says:

Dude that shit you did on the floor is useless, just to a power row, go straight up not twords your pocket.

John Richardson says:

So I should do 3x per week for neck

Naina Kay says:

Professor Frink you have crossed over to the third dimension.

Sumi Begum says:

I started listening heavy and thrash metal songs since last month and I headbanged a LOT.
now, i got a neck as thick as my thigh (almost).

Nalu Santiago says:

Iʻm not sure if you answered this but how do you feel about flexing in between sets?

DiscoFalcon says:

I almost always get headaches when I train neck. THoughts?

Silvestre Mebundo says:

After a really comprehensive study and a very deep meditation I think that your girlfriend is incredible hot

Dutch Schultz says:

Do steroids help?

FlockerLP says:

Just do shrugs and all good

Ali Eid says:

Jeff can do a how to dead lift video because I see a lot of my gym dudes doing it wrong.

Lojmon Taratoom says:

Estaria bueno que alguien tradujera estos increibles videos:( . Seria un gran aporte al fitness en español

Get High says:

4:52 he smashed

Raghu Seetharaman says:

But doesn’t working the neck stress the brain stem and make you stupid?

I’m a simple man, Jeff. I am a simple man.

Ricky Calderon says:

This guy looks like Canelo Alvarez

James Mccorkle says:

Should take a look at how Jiu-Jitsu guys train the neck. It’s very effective.

Stefan Cupovic says:

Interestin that you have that explaination for wider grip shrugs. I have been doin them for a while now liek that with great results. Only reason i changed to this was because weight lifters all seem to have massive traps figured id give it a shot. Cool video very imformative altho my neck is already too thick and muscular lol(beyond this would just be ugly) its good to know the reasons why/how it grows a certain way.

dreamydisaster says:

do blowjobs count as necksercise?

te0pa0k says:

in all honesty , u have to be retarded to train ur neck no joke

Chris Roberts says:

Chicks must have hella strong necks den

Marcus Tullius Cicero says:

If an individual has wry neck do you think it would even it out a bit? My right Sternocliedomastoideus is much shorter and thicker than the left and it quite noticeable if keen sighted. It also limits my range of motion slightly on one side.

Brian Scraper says:

Just a little anecdotal evidence to add: I’ve always used an over/under grip on deadlifts and developed highly asymmetric trap development. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until the past year (I previously believed it was because of my sport training from a specific stance). Now I’m trying to retrain my deadlift grips to reverse the odd shaping of my traps (one bulges, the other slopes). For what it’s worth. Thank you for sharing!

finishim100 says:

Can you explain the science of steroids because I think you do not eat only bananas and chicken? …

ArkayDS says:

true G! Cheerios

Blazor b says:

Put weights on your head? wtf? How is that good.

The Dude says:

I like the pretty Asian ladies legs.

Andrew M says:

Sorry bro. But you looked better before.

Flan Chander says:

9:03 – 9:12 You’re welcome

IAmAgainst says:

Spoiler: the answer is having a lot of free time.

CacatoesAHuppeJaune says:

7:15 The bar: “fap fap fap …”

sandeep prasad says:

4:06 that looks dumb af. Any alternative ?

Google Times says:

Traps make a person look powerful IMO. This guys transformation was incredible, looked like a monster in the after picture

blu- black says:

didn’t touch on whether or not there are any long term back/neck pain from this being bad for your joints. It seems to be implied there isn’t from the fact he did it for a year, but it does seem cross-fit-esque in that if you fuck up the form, you fuck up your body.

Colby Taylor says:

Thought he was about to say admittedly.. steroids.

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