How To: Deadlift


Tutorial on how to Deadlift.

Deadlifts are a great way to build a strong lower back and powerful legs if done correctly. You see many guys in the gym doing a lot of weight on deadlifts but with bad form and this can cause serious injuries. This step-by-step video will show you how you can perform this exercise with good form and get the best results possible.

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Workout By Wilson says:

Subscribe to my channel guys. You will not be disappointed

musicflow84 says:

Great video, thanks for posting buddy.

Saurav Sharma says:

cool gloves brah. They make those for men too?

Fred Anderson says:

I was taught to keep that chin down like you holding a piece of paper…

theonlyrel says:

What a beautiful man.

curry savage says:

This dude chats shit! It ment to be toching your knees not close as poppible

Müller Fut says:

So Loud

Tyrone99 says:

Thank you yaya toure you just saved my back! ❤


I am not proffesional but i did deadlift of 130 kg. Is it good as the professonal. please someone tell me.

Warren Manlapaz says:

too much takies!

Naseem Sharif says:

This has gave me the confidence to deadlift

TrueLies says:

Love your channel man. I love how on the demo videos you get to the point

thenightraveler says:

Beast mode!

Tino V says:

Wow you have THE straightest back I’ve ever seen brother!

Magmatic says:

black brits always seem so nice. i would let him date my daughter.

Ebolawski says:

Wow. He’s fine af lol

Andrew Montoya says:

What is your diet like? What do you eat? ..You have a nice six pack.

Damolens Jean-Baptiste says:

1:59 is the real serious part.

MannyBro says:

Why 1.4k dislikes?

Taavi Kirsch says:

Thank you! Very helpful. Nice gym!

Látlak says:

Is it bad when I touch my legs with the weights?

Leogx13 says:

Why the fuck didn’t I come across this video before my back got fucked up!

TS 1999 says:

Good video very clearly broken down

Gabriel Sey says:


Arthur Alexandre says:

This is fcking wrong in so many ways… his back is hyper extending while finishing the movement which is really bad posture and his head always facing forward is a way too rookie mistake to make and his hands must be closer to his legs, a wider grip doesnt get that much strength

Colin Terry says:

I’m getting back into the gym after marathon training. I decided to go heavier than before (with weights) and someone had left a bar out. I decided to try my 1st ever deadlift. I did 3×5 at 60kg. Is that good? I’m 45 and 86kg (a bit fat) and 5’10.

Andre TxT says:

Very quick and simple

Jorge Barajas says:

I would hate to hurt my back what other exercise can I do to hit these muscles ?

Mohammad Salimi says:

Thank you

Bruce Wayne says:

The most annoying mistake imo is when people lift too heavy that let lift with proper form and drop the weights on the ground rather than putting it back down with proper form.

Rene Bermudez Romero says:

video starts @ min 2:00
You’re welcome

Brianna Bergman says:

thank you! Very helpful 🙂

Deljanin says:

This guy physique looks like Greek good lol. Gj man

قناة ماهر maher channel says:

Cheers bro

Marianella Lopez says:

Marry me

722guy says:

bar hits my chins

The Nooob says:

I’ve been doing deadlifts wrong for a long time (cats back) and I’ve never hurt myself, thankfully. I’ve used heavy weight too.

Julius Caesar says:

What gym is this? Where is it?

tmccread says:

Short and sweet!, dont need a 20min vlog for a quick run down

Mr.Mister says:

One thing to be careful of is when you start the pull the weight will round your back. If this happens then maybe the weight is too much. You should be able to maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement. I’ve seen guys set up perfectly and then go to pull and the back rounds out under stress. It’s happened me too. Nobody is perfect but it needs work.

Cristobal Peña says:

Nice gloves Madam! 😀

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