How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat Simultaneously (3 Science-Based Tips)

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Body recomposition, where you build muscle and lose fat at the same time, is typically viewed as “impossible” for natural lifters. It’s the “holy grail” when it comes to transformations and can help drastically improve your skinny fat body type and can provide quick results for beginners. And despite popular belief, my personal experience and scientific literature seems to prove that body recomposition is actually more common and feasible than you think. But there’s a few steps that you need to follow in order to successfully achieve the results or transformation you’re looking for. One of the most important factors is setting up your “body recomposition macros” correctly. Literature suggests that a small caloric deficit combined with a high protein intake provides the best results in terms of a body recomposition. In this video you’ll learn more about the optimal body recomposition macros, and I’ll provide you with a 3-step protocol that you can use.




Slow cut:
Body recomp (high protein):
Athletes/trained individuals recomp:




What if I do this – I do weight training one day and take slight caloric surplus, next day I do cardio with calorie deficit. Will it work?

Don Vu says:


Frank Snow says:

How much protein can a person digest at once? Relatively speaking.

FateChangingLegend says:

This was extremely informative. Props good sir!

Dapper Director says:

So question when you say you have at least 1g/LB of protein is that for the whole day or is it for one sitting?

The Battle Moon says:

So I’ve been going to the gym now for three months (first time I’ve been in a gym) and I’m attempting a recomp. I was skinny fat going into things and I used a bunch of metabolic calculators to figure out how much I would need to consume to be in a slight deficit (I should also note I have an active job and a very fast metabolism). I train hard and push myself every time I lift, but instead of building muscle and losing fat, I’m just losing fat. So should I be doing less cardio, or am I just not eating enough? Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Shuang Zhang says:

I like your videos, Jeremy! Your approach to explaining is very informative!

Peace Guard says:

Personally I recommend 1 day of fast per week for simultaneous muscle growth and fat loss.
Let’s say you train 3 days per week. Monday – you work out and eat 20% more calories than maintenance level, Tuesday is regeneration day with 10% more calories than maintenance, Wednesday like Monday, Thursday like Tuesday, Friday like Monday, Saturday like Tuesday.. at this point you are on average 15% above your calorie maintenance level per day, but still around 0,15% below your weekly calorie maintenance level. On Sunday you just fast or eat some very few healthy calories.. you are two days since your last workout, so you don’t risk losing your muscle mass as a result of this fast, especially that it only lasts for 24-36 hours.
You can, of course, modify this schedule to reach your individual goals – slightly lose, maintain or slightly gain weight, all while gaining muscle.

TheRausing1 says:

this shit is fantastic

Domonic Thomas says:

This is dope! Thanks!

TriksterHD says:

How is your gym is always empty?

Ibrat911 says:

I really like that you reference papers and all , but a small advice from an researcher and academician myself .. read where the paper were published , ? is it a good journal ? who funded the research ? was it the protein shake companies ? who is the author background ? and how did design the experiment and how many volunteers ?

all the best … and i really like your videos , keep it up.

GreatPikse says:

As someone who’s published research in such journals, I commend you with the organization and consistency of your videos and analysis. You always summarize at the end which allows me to jump forth throughout and key in on the things I need to work on. It clearly shows your end effort is to truly help and inspire people! I really thank you!!! Just 2 weeks in and seeing stellar improvements!

Christopher Tan says:

both an athlete and a scholar. i really appreciate the approach you take when explaining your videos, because it’s not based off of your personal thoughts or experiences, but on empirical data. you explain things amazingly as well. subscribed!

Arsehn / says:

What about cardio during a recomp?

Bob Houghton says:

I swore he was a voice synthesiser at first

Rich Republican says:

I bet a lot of the eating requirements for success are more closely related to lean body mass or even muscle mass rather than total body weight. Total body weight is easier to measure.

march11stoneytony says:

Very accurate video. Subbed

Irfan Kermally says:

best recomp vid

Vinny Mac says:

What about intermittent fasting?

Fjnbvb hkhhh says:

Aye bro when you wear Henley shirts you want to unbutton two buttons makes you more attractive. FACTS!

Eric Majeski says:

I’m 5’5″ and 215 lbs. I started seriously training about a month and a half ago, and though I haven’t lost ANY weight, all of my clothes fit better and I’ve gone down a pants size. I count calories and try to base my caloric deficit exactly as you have described and track my progressive overload. It’s working, it’s slow and I know I could hammer the weight off by running more, but I’m enjoying the gains and change in my physical appearance without losing the muscle mass. It works

MrKarpovy says:

Thanks buddy.

AJA Music says:

So what is considered a slight caloric deficit: 100 calories below maintenance?

haydeezz says:

2:30 whats the name of that movie? looks funny ..

PHiLLY BLaZeN says:

Great vids Bro! And my last name is French too!! Whoot whoot!

Marshall Smith says:

I’m just trying to get my ex back

fenderman21guitar says:

So to make yourself leaner you just need 2 pictures and to zoom in on one and adjust the colour levels, if only everyone knew!

JD Matthews says:

Hey bro, I’m 5’3 and 162lbs what should be my ideal weight to be lifting and how many times to look toned and have bigger muscle? Plus I’m just getting into pumping iron again so I’m a little rusty right now thanks!

Caleb Haulsey says:

What about cardio? How much cardio should I be doing in order to gain muscle and lose fat?

Keen says:

Thanks God, that’s is nice to hear I was doing correct. I just need to start adding weight every week instead of month 🙂 At start I took only 1000 cal. I was tried and fainting under lifting. But now around 1800 ish (300 lover than my maintain value). But I don’t think of protein too much maybe it is time to take extra protein and lower carb. Does it sound reasonable? Cos I really don’t want to cut on my fat intake :)) atm I eat 1/3 carb 1/3 proteins and 1/3 fat 😀

Uzair Waheed says:

Does bulking/cutting negatively affect your hormone production?

Steve VC says:

I think I am around 19% bodyfat at the moment but Im also what you call a skinny-fat so my question is this, even at 19% of bodyfat I still hate more looking skinny with skinny arms and legs, what if I LEAN bulk for 6 months just to gain a foundation, and then do a body recompotition until I am 12% bf? (I´m a beginner so if someone could give me some guidance in this I will completely appreciate it )

Riaan Kruger says:


im a little unsure about how to work out the caloric deficit i need to work out. can you advise?

Glinda Good says:

The best information that I’ve found on building muscle while losing fat! Thank you!!!

Jeremy Ethier says:

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and HUGE thank you for all your support, I honestly can’t believe I”m almost at 200K. It really means a lot to me so thank you for that! Also, for those interested in my diet and personal workouts, give me a follow on Instagram ( where I’ll be posting them regularly on my story. I’m also a lot more responsive on there so feel free to ask me any questions you might have! Cheers!

Nape Lazam says:

what a shiht. 1g/kg proteitn IS ENOUGH

2Ownage4U says:

1) x amount of gram for your bodyweight, to take in as protein. Like per day once? per week? What are we talking about here?
2) what is a calory deficit for me? Like how do I know what is proper? You can say -500, but -500 from what?

Firdaus Merchant says:

starting tomorrow
thanks 4 a simple but effective video

Dionisio Dussart says:

But what about increasing testosterone ? I did not hear a single word about it. There are things to be eaten rather than others. There are habits to lose.

sky Unchained says:

Smart Slow But Effective

Coriolis Effect says:

You’re welcome

B Tang says:

LIked and subscribed !! Great !!

ThePlanetSaturn says:

So I just want to make sure…

As a 5’10”, 155 pound skinny-fat 18 y.o, in order to recomp I would have to eat a 500 calorie deficit while eating 120-150 grams of protein? That would be 1500 calories for me which seems like too little :/

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