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Buff Dudes / Fitness / How to Build a Home Gym Bench for Cheap
Editing, Starring : Hudson
Starring: Duke

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Ayush Sachan says:

will anyone plz tell me that what is the capacity of that type of wooden bench….

Rick Last says:

how about a landmine how to build one

mxlman26 says:

Man Nice job, at one moment at the vídeo i tought you re freaking “heisenberg”….

Gabriel Stevens says:

Awesome work! Btw love the red bronco.

Br ave says:

Nice work Buff Daddy!

Donidarkolulz Donidarkowow says:

Anyone knows a vid or tutorial on how to make the rest of the bench press? The stand for the barbell?:

Tony Serrano says:

good job

Luke Zeus says:

I keep hearing bitch instead of bench

certified30 says:

the base (feet) should be wider than the bench to avoid tipping, just saying.

Charles Henry says:

i’m a welder, soon i’ll be able to make mine and maybe even do a youtube video for it?

RonaldPaulsons son says:

ya right show us using it lol ten bucks it breaks under my personal one rep PR 175

Toversnol EU says:

The Walter White of the Buff Dudes!

mustafa iraq says:

nice one bro

Sam Srod says:

15:31 what a soundeffect 😀

zog noty says:

the base dont look large enough to be stable

Brian Swanson says:

How do you hide the Simpson strong ties plates? I’ll try using the nail gun. Cheaper than screws and faster and cheaper. I made 8 last year, and sold six. Going to try using a biscuit joinner. Make it more appealing. Biscuits and glue of course. I’ll let you know how it looks.

Ali Almaidan says:

thanx for all the instructions buff dad

DuudeWhatDoesMineSay says:

Is he Canadian?

Edson Barbosa says:

I am the one who build. Mr. Walter ‘buffdude’ White.

Y81293234234 says:

Thanks for the inspiring and money saving videos! Suggestions: preacher curl station. Adjustable incline bench. Decline bench. Cable crossover.

James Hansen says:

I didn’t know Heisenberg had a channel.

Nazzers says:

Test it to destruction!

Noorbux Taahir says:

Thanks heisenburg!

Mitch Maguny says:

I would mod podge it with some fabric.

Drazen Domic says:

I didn’t know that Walter White in younger days produced workout equipment!!! 🙂

SteveDGamer says:

Bro. I don’t even do DIY but I could watch your videos all day.

DJWafflez says:

And hat guy really loves his tape measurer

Kevin Rodriguez says:

Amazing work I’m so motivated to do this

Charles Henry says:

i’m a welder, soon i’ll be able to make mine and maybe even do a youtube video for it?

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