How To Apply Tan For A Bodybuilding Show





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ร๏๓є๒๏๔1 says:

should niggers use tan?

Hologram Ghosts says:

Must be fun to wash it off

LitPitJDit says:

That color is really dark.

Max Rofls says:

He looked great, how did he place?

Kal El says:

Tan! tan!

billybronco1 says:

Pretty silly stuff.  Faces always look so old and the stuff is really just to damn dark.

jankez5an89 says:

how can get this job?

Thepoetsuede says:

Worst advice ever! Lazy and poor advice! Tan in advance, period! Early morning use three coats of a base like a Protan Instant Color Spray. Tap it out to make it even.


Just before the show put another two to three coats and a LITTLE in the joints and elbows. Not this mud crap! You need a NATURAL BASE tan to begin with, then a few coats, that’s all. All the color in the world is NOT going to bring out cuts if your not lean enough. What you have here is a BIG mess. Once you grab your sides, or once some sweat starts to build up your done! As well once your trunks move around that white ass is going to show. Plan the tan, don’t try to slap some junk on twenty minutes before hand. Be smart!

やまもと98 says:

why do you even bother competing while your not even in shape

Ben Kalman says:

I am 7 weeks out from my first show, do you think that dream tan or a similar product is superior to going and paying for a spray tan before the show? Looking to bring thee BEST package in all aspects!! Great Vid, Brandon.

Sebastian Diaconu says:

wtf… he looks stupid..

Kaitlin Larson says:

Why can’t the just get a spray tan?

Sa Sho says:

Awesome video! I wanted to ask, would 1 and a half bottles be enough for a 180lbs male for pre judging and night show? also, when i wear my clothes after pre judging, would it smear off completely or I’ll just need a light touch up?

GarridoProductions says:

that guy could do a little cardio + shoulder workout, just saying. also hitting the chest wouldnt be a bad idea

beedubprep says:

some of it will rub off on clothes, its more of a paste. you have to apply a little more before the night show

binga lee says:

fucking disgusting.Making your natural skin colour look out of ordinary.I hate this fake tanning.They don’t even look real.It was good looking for the white dudes before putting that ugly grease.

Cryptix001 says:

looks like he didnt get lean enough. good video though.

Broly says:

what u done to him lol ….

Greg Jack says:

you can slap it as you go….HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shv90210 says:

Do black bodybuilders use this stuff??

Critique808 says:

Self hating white people. lol

Mad Joe says:

Damn, hella work

Haiston fennell says:

I’m not a body builder but that doesn’t change the way I physically see thing this stuff made the guy look like an idiot he looked good before the tan

beedubprep says:

this tan leaves more of a shimmer and glossy look, revealing much more definition. and ultimately a better color

platontr says:

quite erotic video.

MrJAYBOO23 says:

Fuck. I want his job

adcolt54 says:

why would u not wear any latex gloves?

kain12343 says:

Thanks for the video bro. Doing my first show in August and will definitely be using this.

bay37th says:

Why can’t people do it themselves why have someone else rub it on you

lyksmusclemen says:

nicks hot

r0ll1ngst0n3s says:

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PoonTangFang says:

Legs are nice….. Idk about the rest tho.

18yo Teen Bodybuilder Christain says:

Soft soggy legs and glutes

Antonio Grivas says:

he [no 1] slaps his [ no 2] ass?it sounds too gay [not saying that he is or not] !!!

Heathen Hades says:

How much tan was used here?

Be like Bruh says:

how to basic?

UFOSPACE1999 says:

oh my lanta. Who da fuck uses AUTO FOCUS? I know pussies who don’t know how to tame their own cameras. Pussies. 

Robert W says:

this stuff looks scary

Pepetongo Papigochi says:

So hot!

lauren staab says:

his neck is very long.

Mikael Sarian says:

he looks to dark lol, n he has puffy nips n still a bit fat

rwzal says:

why not use spray instead of that sticky “shoe paste” ?

Christopher Benchley says:

nice content! I don’t imply to annoy you but could you go check my channel out and tell me how it is? Thank you so much!

feroz18 says:


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