How I Started Losing Weight & Gym Intimidation

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Part 1 of My Weight Loss Story:
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epicICYLfacial says:

When I see someone trying to lose weight in the gym, on the off chance that I notice them I just think “Fucking go get em mate” and go back to my business.

A Cup of Tea says:

Clicked like before he asked for one… subbed at Goku… my dude.

Midnight says:

Hey, let me tell you something. I appreciate you. Two years isn’t a long time when you consider how long I’ve been fat. I’ve lost weight since July of last year. I started out by changing how I eat. I don’t do diets I do change. I lost 11 pounds which made me kind of happy by January. (It might have been December) I thought to myself I need to make more changes so when lent came I started walking for 3 days a week for an hour. The first day was horrible. I was tired and in pain and thought maybe it’s too much so I rested the next day and then went back out the following day and I felt great. When the first week of April came I had lost another 18 pounds. (29 total if you are keeping score) I then started looking online for gyms. They are way to expensive for me until I realized that there is one right down the street and it is only $35 for the entire year. The hours aren’t great (Mon-Thursday 4PM- 9PM and 4PM- 8PM on Fridays) and they don’t have a whole lot of equipment but they have a lot of free weights and the most useful equipment and it’s not real crowded. I got weighed 3 weeks ago and I was up to 37.8. Now I’ve been looking at a lot of videos and getting pretty discouraged because no one ever seems to talk about losing weight without getting preachy and technical until I found your video today. Your video is the first one that ever made me feel like I’m not the only one going to the gym to lose weight and telling me that using anything but the weights is a waste of time. Thank you for that because even though I’m losing weight slowly but surely I hated feeling defeated. I don’t feel like people are staring at me but it is uncomfortable that people don’t even look like you should say hello to them. I guess I’m over friendly and sensitive lol.I’m eating better but I can still improve especially on my love for mayonnaise and other sauces.(I LOVE ASIAN FOOD) I wasn’t a big fan of rice until I switched from American to Asian cuisine as an adult but those sauces and the Mexican food with the sauces and the Indian (Which is South Asian) food and the sauces. I’ve cut down a lot but I know I need to amp up my weight loss efforts. It’s summer and I can’t walk outside anytime like I could in the cooler months and inside walking is boring and getting up to walk a 6AM isn’t easy. What motivates me is that even though I’m losing weight I’m eating more if that makes sense. I once ate a huge meal once a day and now I eat two meals and two snacks.The best part is that after years of wearing the same ugly clothes I’ve finally lost enough weight to wear new ones. The one thing people never say is that when you are really heavy that when you lose 10 or 20 pounds it’s great at first but it’s depressing too because you realized that you just stretched out your old clothes and that you aren’t ready fro the new ones and you feel kind of defeated. I just want to say just stick with it because you will be able to get into some new clothes before you know it. Thanks for letting me share.

Alma Rodriguez says:

Thank you for doing this type of video. I am new to your channel. I like it. I have done the whole gym thing and never stick to it. Until I get busy. However, this helps a lot.

Allison. Torem says:

omg i LOLLED at the jacket/all i had on bit

Thom Dantzer says:

Thank you. Being 53 yrs old I’m feeling a greater sense of urgency to get healthy. Like many, I’ve gained, lost, and regained even more over and over again. The sense of urgency offers a different kind of motivation than I’ve had in the past. Thanks again for sharing your story. It’s inspiring.

Lloyd Nix says:

Man, I really want to. But Gyms are expensive and on the other side of town.

David Adam says:

Such a witty inspirational person

Saini Evile says:

You got workout routine

sukant priyadarshan says:

Its really a inspiring video .hey friends along with this u may get better results by trying this product please follow the link*https://bit. ly/2It4ucV*if u r interested.

Sarah Draper says:

I’ve tried many diets but for me only this one worked lost about 3 pounds in the first week.

Chango Diss Trackzz says:

How long did it take just to lose weight

anil bhujel says:

best weight loss product

Corey Glenn says:

what did you eat or change in your eating?

drakonian2 says:

I know it’s 2 years later, but I just want to say…if I could, I would press that like button all over again with the speed of light every single second. I’m not new two the gym, I did it for like 6 years and then I stopped. It’s been almost 1 year now. And I was just looking around for something to give me that boost that I needed to go back there. And your video was just what I needed. I looked pretty much like you looked when I first walked into a gym, so I know for sure that the things you said are real. Not the crappy things that you would lose 50kgs in a month or whatever is there on youtube or the internet. I never saw one of your videos before, but man…you just made my day. I was pretty confident that I would go to the gym tomorrow, now I just can’t wait for the morning to come. Thanks!

Joey Mendoza says:

CHRIS JONES AT 5:45 lol!!!

Aditya Bhosle says:

Hi! Fat to fire guy! Sorry I don’t know your name.. but thank you so much for uploading such videos and sir I must say you deserved all my likes and subscription, this is only the first video of yours that I am watching!!! I know you won’t ever be able to see this comment but thanks a lot

omar suarez says:

I cant seem to find good meal plans, that’s my difficult part.

seesharper says:

When I was 16 I weighed about 180. I started running a lot and went down to 125, and decided to build muscle after. It was VERY hard to gain muscle once I lost all that weight. I gave up on running and lifting around 18, and by 23 I was about 200 pounds. For about a couple months I have started cardio and weight lifting, and noticed that building muscle feels a lot easier while being fat. Is it wrong for me to just build muscle AND try to burn fat? You mentioned you lost weight and THEN lifted, but I feel the opposite would be best for me.

Bittu Arnold says:

can you help me pls
my weight is 120
my age 17/18
what I must do

James Walker says:

everything you said. it’s really true and it helps me a lot. I’m glad i found this video accidentally and i’m very grateful to you. Thank you

mr.noddy says:

It could be hard to do all over again if it got wors that it was

Hari unk says:

Is 16 year okay for gym?

TONY R says:

Thanks man for the videos. Just joined a gym and tomorrow’s my first workout. A bit nervous, but your videos are very helpful and are helping with that.

Shantice Caldwell says:

He is very honest and I love how he says about taking your time and learning, you tend to forget when you’re trying to lose weight that it takes time to lose weight because honestly it took time to Gain all that weight, so naturally it is not gonna come off overnight ( wish it did). He’s selling you a lifestyle and not a get-skinny-quick scheme……RESPECT!!

Caleb M says:

I went to the gym at my apartment complex. I’m about to move out and thought, you know, maybe it’s time to check it out. I was looking at a treadmill and these girls just gave me a disgusted look. Like I’m a little scrawny but I don’t think I’m THAT bad lol

Cristian Fischer says:

I’ve always had trouble with my weight. A friend recommended me this I lose 4lb per week on average 🙂

Colin Pineapple pizza is good. says:

I’m over here 17years , 6’4ft , 286lb. Been going to the gym for the hole summer. Lost only 10 pounds. I was almost 300.

Sick and tired of being fat. I can’t afford healthy food. I have no life right now. Going to the gym 7-8 hours a day but for Thursday and weekends.

We can only afford carb filled products. So I’m over here eating chicken breast with mustard. While everyone is eating noodles, pizza, icecream. Uhhhhg.

mandavaler says:

Keto diet helps tremendously

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