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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Tired of the gym, or do you not even have access to one? Then try the B.U.F.F. Dudes Home Workout. This routine is full of exercises which will help you build your total physique – the B.U.F.F. Dude physique. Guns, Shields, Abs n’ Wheels – they’re all here, and they’re ready for you to put ’em to use. Want the best Home Workout without Weights? Well, you got one. Go for it, Dudes!

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Best Home Workout Routine – No Gym Required
Shot n’ Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White

Pixel Art By João Victor G. Costa – http://www.youtube.com/user/JinnDemonEvil

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David Schlessinger says:

Can’t wait to try some of these. I dislocated my shoulder last year in India so I’m limited to what I can do with one shoulder without re-injuring it….but I can’t wait to start using some of these options!!!!

AR Imran says:

i just love it thank you master

James Atlas says:

Did you get your size and physique by doing these workouts? or did you get your size by weightlifting and only use these workouts to maintain your size?

Justin says:

Nice video. I’ve been using an awesome program and I got incredilbe results. You can see the video about my body transformation on my channel

Paesan Ng says:

Thank you very much.

Seth Chapman says:

are you single?

Avi Mane says:

i like u bro am avi from india

Daryck99 says:

It trains the whole body?

P S says:

What’s with the fake grunt sound effects in the beginning ?

Dengee says:


Mitch Cumstain says:

ı dont have 2 chairs 🙁

TheLazyNine's says:

You chairs and broom must be rly strong dude …. i do that I brake everything

Emil Osorio Llanos says:

Sees first 10 seconds.

*Fuck it, I’m out of here.”

sauron109 says:

I got some fancy chairs at home so fml

Direnc Can Karahan says:

Is it bad for newbies?

Jonathan Gonzalez says:

This work out is just absolutely a kicker but it has a helped me but I still can’t get over how the dude sounds likes he’s selling you something. Watching you from Alabama !!

Uniq Alsius says:

Nice creativity man, keep it up!

Jor McBeath says:

This thing is brutal! Loved it!

Gabriel Madeira says:

Is cool jump using the hands

CptMorgan96 says:

You look like ray donovan

andrey malinskiy says:

This guy is a beast.

Hello Again says:

I’m a kid and I’m doing this

Nemanja Maoduš says:

Bros, can anyone do a tutorial or something on the 3.12 ? I’m having a hard time adjusting my body and my muscles to the movement of it.

matthew rush says:

I’m 470lbs what exercise would you recommend for me buff dudes

vasQpr2 says:

God, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more gorgeous man in my lifetime.

tayyab pk says:

excellent man

Aaron Barth-Martinson says:

You’re kickin’ my azz dude! Great workout…pretty legit comedic timing as well- I like that lava joke 😀

King Chan says:

what do you mean by set isn’t 1 set 15 then second set 12 then on ward or….??

roxfeyxD says:

thanks bro

Ismail Bourhaeil says:


grcash47gamersrappingeverything rafiora says:

this guy looks like he works hard

Otto Drobnjak says:

I have a feeling somebody is gonna hurt themselves doing that

Kayson Mao says:

This is so impossible for beginners

Haytham A-n-m says:

Ty very much this is something I was looking for.

sp vlogs says:

the bestest full body workout is given by you sir i really really appreciate your support in this video.
because in this video you helped those people’s who can’t go in gym gor money and time., this video is extremely helpful for thode peoples

YRN PrettyBoyNazi says:


Jordan Duggan says:

this guys a reatard

Hector Padilla says:

the only thing i can do is… sit on the chair

ITS Me PARTH says:

your chairs are also buffed they dont move at all

Oyun Manavı says:

What kind of chairs are they ??

Gokul Anil says:

excellent video

$SebSon$ says:

Are your muscles full natural ? Greetings from Poland !! Sorry for my english btw…

akshay bidlan says:

give chest workout video

SoWhoaWolf says:


Am Be says:

killer body

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