Great Quality Muscle Building Workout – No Equipment Needed

The easiest way to build toned, quality muscles:

What’s up everybody, it’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss?!

Today, I’ve got a great muscle building workout for ya’ll.

Workout Overview.

-4 Different Exercises
-3 Sets/15 Reps Each
-You’ll Need A Towel

1st- Close Grip Push Ups
2nd-Towel Tricep Extensions
3rd- Plank Front Raises
4th- Reverse Bench Dips

Minimal Rest Time, Keep Heart Rate Up

Video Breakdown:

1:45 – Close Grip Push Ups

3:59 – Towel Tricep Extensions

Halfway Done!

6:35 – Plank Front Raises

8:44 – (Variation) Plank Front Raises

10:00 – Reverse Bench Dips

Wooo, got them triceps, shoulders–great workout today. Minimal rest times, keeping that heart rate up.

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Thanks again for watching and following along with my workouts. It’s truly inspirational to see all of the amazing transformations! And for those of you who are just now getting started, or maybe you’ve been working but just aren’t where you want to be yet, I have just one thing to say: Keep at it. That’s right, consistency is key when it comes to making any major changes in your life. Not that long ago I couldn’t even do half of what I just showed you today. When I started training with the Insane Home Fat Loss Team, my fat started melting off, and I began building the quality muscle that you see today.

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Bongane Mphuthi says:

body looking nice,should try it

Rafid Sheikh says:

will this help me gain mass

حيدر الكندي حيدر المالكي says:

انعل ابوك على هذا التدريب

Romaine Athey says:

You can learn more about workouts, health and bodybuildinf on Unflexal website.

Bob Barker says:

Look at all them gains! Fuck out the way!

Pyro killer says:

Anyone else want the table to slide and for him to smack his face on it

حيدر الكندي حيدر المالكي says:


Ace playss says:

am gonna start today I’ll see how this goes and post back in 2w, I’ll still reply to comments so dw. Also gonna eat and drink alot.
*Anybody else who’s starting out you can use this comment if you want to keep updated and let’s see if we can all make gains :)*

Riyan _Farlin says:

Can this guy count?

Elif Kucukatay says:

12345,123410,1234=20 i think that he cat count its 15

Ashwin Moses says:

Fail, he’s bloated and taking HGH

Osama Azhar says:

great.! i wanna ask if i use small dumbles like of 3kg each . will it benefit to develop musle ?

김제우 says:

Im kinda fat and can this help me lose bady fat??

Dequantes broadnix says:

You count wierd af

HDNBros says:

Bruce lee is stronger

Luqman Shah says:

v good

Edward Rostron says:

100% juicing and got this big from eating big and lifting a lot in the gym for many years.

chocolatejeebus says:

Newbie here. So this workout lasts 12 minutes. How many times in a row should I do this? Only once or do it for 30 minutes, an hour?

Lane Ferreira says:

i am really skinny like 6 ft 2 135lbs and i don’t want to go to the gym. what do u suggest?

pavan raaj says:

why is your chest so awkward eweee

Gargled - Gaming and More says:

Those planks r fucking killer on my shoulders

Powvok says:

dat gut

Guerrilla Warfare98 says:

johnny bravo?

Louis Brandon says:

8:11 turn on English Captions.
Guy: …15, suicide, 1,2,…

Gabar P says:

أخطر شيء تدرب وتركه

Dezzy C.K says:

5, 10, 20….. ok then

Bill Smith says:

Guys why do I have a really big stomach and when I pull I still have six packs but in real I can’t see it without pulling? Is there any tip or advice, sry 4 bad English I’m not fat btw

Kampf Kartoffel says:

At the beginning, i couldn’t even do 2 Diamond Sit up’s in a row, now i can do 20 😀 and my Arms got so musculear in only 2 weeks 😀 THX

Diego ignacio says:

man work in your posture , you have a very marc hyperlordosis lumbar

Michael Inclan says:


sadam samee says:

thank u so much.. it was looking a simple video but i feel awsome after doing these steps

Simnikiwe Gqibani says:

i can do this for about 20 years but look the same as i was before.

Papa PickleDick says:

I bet his cardio is ass lol

Steve Rogers says:

Holy fuck this is fuckin good thank you very much Mr. TRAINER

lucase george says:

hahahah steroids=bubble gut!

deames tellis says:

no way he got them gains from push ups and a towel.. false advertisement

Lenus Nazari says:


Baby Baby Juju says:

good fat free

jonny benjamin says:

if you want the do push ups so di it right or go home you do close push ups 30/35/30/35 then 50/50/40/40/30/30/20/20/10/10/ simple push ups

Papa PickleDick says:

I feel so bad for this guy… he couldn’t count past 5..

Keannyn Bartschi says:

his legs are so small

sp vlogs says:

sir please please please tell me the schedule to do this workout in week

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