FULL DAY OF EATING with 19 Year Old Bodybuilder Brandon Harding

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Izz Xylo says:


castrow42 says:

si te metiste anabolicos hbla la verdad que todos pensaras q asi nomas se consigue esa musculatura como la q tienes

Cagrinho Cagrinho says:

is not greek yogurt it is Turkish yogurt bro

ᴛʜɪɴ ʙʟᴜᴇ ʟɪɴᴇ says:

(Hoping you will see this, and will be able to help, as I’m easily setting myself up for a trap from “internet trolls”.) Okay, so I am currently 268.5 pounds, not of muscle, though. I started my diet about 6 or so weeks ago, and I’ve only lost 13.5 pounds. So, what I’m getting at is, do you have any tips to lose weight, and build muscle at the same time?

Melina Mattos says:

Jesus… I’m in love.

DarkLightKisame says:

Did you had Teeth Brackets?

Music 4 Inspiration says:

Ok so I’m the middle of alll this eaten when exactly do we add the workout

AlexsGuitar98 says:

and im 19 sat here eating a bowl of ice cream……..fml

Jay Tilson says:

lol the beginning of the video sounds like your internal reasoning to introduce steroids into your training

petecabrina says:

Cheap tupperware/plastic, what a great idea, some BPA is a nice addition to the diet, being estrogenic and all, made even worse by putting it in a microwave.

Nash Henry says:

What type of watch is on your hands

Sénaden says:

guess eating like that is useful when the end of the world begins…

Rainbow2766 says:

Or you could have almond milk

J K says:

8 liters of water is not only unecessary, it’s actually bad and could even be dangerous.
1. You don’t need that much unless you live in a sauna.
2. You actually need about 2 liters to drink excluding the water you get from food, but it’s individual.
3. It will be hard on your kidneys.
4. It will fuck up your electrolytes.
5. Drinking those 8 liters fast enough could give you water intoxication and kill you.

Sullivan Scandi says:

You’re a loser. Nice wristbands.

John Wayne says:

Why isn’t steroids mentioned…. smh

Aaron Lewis says:

What the name brand of the shitt your wearing

Steven Teran says:

For your first meal what kind of protein powder you used to mix your breakfast

Backwards Aussie says:

How are their kidneys okay?

مستر جوجو says:

Hello Captain I am your brother from Iraq. I want you to explain about the ISO protein and how much type you have

Dayan Ramirez says:

His brows look kinda funny

Aaron Roy says:

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