Full Biceps & Triceps Workout For Bigger Arms

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The Routine:

A1 – Flat DB Skull Crushers (4 Sets)
Reps – 10, Tempo – 2020, Rest – 90 sec

B1 – Cable Pressdown (4 Sets)
Reps – 10, Tempo – 2011, Rest – 90 sec (Final Set Dropset)

C1 – Overhead Rope Extension (3 Sets)
Reps – 10–12, Tempo – 2011, Rest – 70 sec

D1 – Feel Elevated Bench Dips (3 Sets)
Reps – 15, Tempo – 1010, Rest – 60 sec (Final Set To Failure)

E1 – Standing BB Curls (4 Sets)
Reps – 8, Tempo – 2010, Rest – 100 sec

F1 – Alternating DB Hammer Curls (4 Sets)
Reps – 20, Tempo – 1010, Rest – 90 sec

G1 – Standing EZ Cable Curls (4 Sets)
Reps – 10, Tempo – 2010, Rest – 90 sec (Final Set Dropset)

Example of 2010 tempo:

2 second negative (eccentric phase)
0 second rest in lengthened position
1 second concentric
0 second holding contraction in shortened position

(Even though it says 0 second holding the contraction I will still always try to squeeze it. Just not for a whole second.)


Joe york says:

What a fun vid
Good advice

garry alip says:

nice it is ok biceps and triceps together

John Burnett says:

I’m telling you, this workout was not too E-ZED!

Nurani Abadir says:

quick question bro when you doing Arms do you prefer to start with biceps or triceps?

Herr Killernudel123 says:

awesome barbell curl form

William Hedén says:

Hello Mike, great video. I was woundering if you could explain the tempo thing in easier words? I read the example but I didn’t understand it. Best regards from Sweden

Johannes Andersson says:

I have a question for you when I exercise my biceps how often can I practice them a week? you must have at least 1 to 2 days rest well? Some people say you can train every day but then the muscles do not get well, is there no risk of overtraining? I’m grateful for answers =)

ZuTV says:

How many reps should guys do for these exercises?

dominik 4 says:

natural ? if yes absolutly amazing…

Daniel R. says:

I’m curious what your cycles are like and what you use for PCT? How long are the cycles? Looks like quality test, tren & anavar with a side order of HGH to me. Nice work.

nabil zoghlami says:

Great Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered – Giulian Bicepify Boarhound (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good exclusive product for building huge arm muscle fast minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate finally got great success with it.

Sebastian Dorsten says:


Mike Miller says:

I think these are too many different exercises. Triceps and biceps are really easy to train, you just need two exercises for each (the most effective ones) and you’re good. No need to hit them from so many angles all at once. You can switch them up every couple weeks to add variety, yes. But i usually do about 10 sets total per muscle, and 2 exercises each of 5 sets is fine in my experience. I also train supersets of biceps and triceps, with lower rest time after the superset, very time-effective and you keep the pump the whole way through.

Simo Mad says:

Think’s for your information hero

Adam HEHEHEHE says:

fuckin legend

Misha Tukach says:

I used Unflexal handbooks for that.

Wesam Khalfalla وسام خلف الله says:

Which accent of UK mike is talking with? Nice video btw

D S says:

The thing for me is what weight should I be starting off with, just started at the gym, I wouldn’t say I’m weak, I’ve been gym before, for a couple months, but the weights is the thing that gets me, I’m not 100% sure what weight is the right weight, don’t I want to go too light or too heavy, any suggestions?

loco pajaro 63 lima says:

You should buy a bigger Tshirt man,..

Danny Byrne says:

Just wrote this down and off to try it now in zee gym . haha cheers mike .

bschak says:

Love guys that take up a squat rack to do curls. Most of the time, they need the squat rack for its intended purpose.

Ryan Stevens says:

Curling in the squat rack!!!


thx you mike you are the best ..

bLaCjAcK Daniels says:

If i had arms like that I would do Biceps every day and run around with a tank top that says Hurricane

Gary Keathley says:

How many sets & reps did you do for each exercise

Jakub Rajcani says:

You’re the best!!!!

Jack Call says:

form is important!

The ToadLord says:

i’m new to training and stuff, so i’m wondering if i can do just those exercises that you are showing or do i need to have some more?

David Lee Garcia says:

So it’s ok to train biceps and triceps on the same day?

Renatto Mejia says:

What tshirt are you wearing?

anthony green says:

It’s 2018 bro.

arkestry says:

What does A1, B1, C,1, D1, etc. stand for?

eben - palestine says:

Bless you Mike

John Green says:


yuri boyka says:

thank mike for help…..

Carl Finley says:

Thanks for info in video I will apply it and in 6 months have some big guns as well .

Tom Cox says:

Curls in the squat rack reeeeeeee

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