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‘Aim to do something everyday that pushes you forwards.’


Osiris Messiah says:


Tomas Gomez says:



Praque botar tanto peso so pra faser treis repeticoes

getfitwith raaj says:

I do a very similar routine but that last exercise I will be trying next chest day. Fantastic content bro.

moustaid achraf says:

Hello people a need the name of last exercice

Vasili Miljuskovic says:

What kind of diet do you make? or proteins?

Nicholas Russell says:

How much do those rentals cost a day?

Salvador Pulido says:

Bounty tank is a fucken monster!

Melvin Creddle says:

Bounty tank is for sure stronger then panda, but his physic aint better

Mister GG says:

i imagine that chest when he reaches 90 yold…XD

남박용호 says:


Md Farhid Khan says:

Awesome bro

jay. c.k says:

Hey Bro sim….i Guess that’s guy Is stronguer than u..!!!.

Qam Yasharala says:

Them boys getting it in on a dangerous level

Fredrik Johansson says:

You’re pretty weak for your size dude

seba ard says:

Wowwwww.. You inspire me for tomorrow session.

Lesiu Lew says:


Derron laReese says:

2:43 his voice sounded like it was part of the soundtrack in the back

Shami’Yah Ben Yasharahla Israel says:

Simeon needs a second collab with Armz…

Md Farhid Khan says:

Fuck the weight

Sadikh Lo says:

Look like Adonis Creed

Ndime Chidi says:

Pain is pain and sweet

Tehaphuet Siwanartwanich says:

What’s song in this video?
Thank for answer.

Allen Siby says:

which part of the chest does the workout at 8:13 target?

Fitness Addiction says:

Just watch my video instead

sean shark105 says:

No wonder they need elbow straps chucking dumbbells on the floor about dumbbell press..

Poor form and to think there could be beginners watching this and thinking it’s correct was to do exercise… can cause serious ligament damage in elbow…

Tomás Ribeiro says:


Uncle Deuce says:

Hi, my name is nick and i am 16 years old. You are such an inspiration to me, i’ve been training for around 8 months now and i feel amazing, keep posting killer workouts. I love watching them and trying them.

2foe7 says:

Tank cut the hair bro I guarantee you more sponsorship and endorsement opportunities will come your way seriously

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