Fitbit Blaze First Impression & Workout

Hi guys! I know a lot of you have been asking about my Charge HR.. Well, as I was going to do a review for you.. it died. Lol. SO I decided to get something new, give you my thoughts on it, and test it out! Let me know what you think. What fitness tracker is your favorite?!


Rob K says:

So how did it work for ya would you recommend it for a weightlifter and does HIIT ?

spacelion77 says:

Nice tattoos! I have one one my right arm that I’d love to turn into a multi tattoo sleeve, but have the hardest time deciding what to get. Thanks for the review, and great work and form on the lifts! I just started crossfit and it’s a lot of work to keep a clean form.

doubtfuldreamer says:

Hi, first time watching your videos. I am so impressed by your weight training. Could you do a beginners video for the gym?

Alberto González says:

I’d been wondering how these fit trackers determine when the user is climbing a stair.

Steve - S says:

Did you find the blaze a lot more bulky after having the Fitbit charge. I’m debating whether to get my gf a blaze or an Alta. But I’m worried if I get her the blaze it will be too bulky. Is it easy to get used to?

Michael Bailey says:

I am seriously considering getting a Fitbit Blaze after my sister got one and she shown it to me. I see you’re doing crossfit, which is also what i’m starting to do as my main goal is weight loss. but after seeing you using it, do you keep switching “weight” and “BP” each certain exercise? I mean, if I’m on treadmill, gotta put it on “treadmill” everytime or can leave it at “BP”?

Kittie Kreations says:

I found a used one online and I can’t wait to receive it!!!

iamawdf says:

Really nice review, great camera, editing the whole nine yards. Love your channel.

jason spiderman says:

How was the durability of the blaze? Im thinking between apple watch and blaze… Because i see some reviews about the apples durability was incredible!!… Im a chef and we can use watch inside the kitchen.. I like all the features of the blaze but im concern about the durability…thank youuuu


Can I wear the blaze to the gym even if I sweat like ALOT

Kunal Chhabria says:

A very Helpful video ..cleared my confusion about heart rate accuracy during training …. Btw your Choice of music seems to match mine.. So could you please share your Apple Music or Spotify playlist .. and what is the name of track in this video. Thanks!

tony cawson says:

Do you pause the Fitbit between sets or just keep it going, I used mine for the first time in the gym yesterday and paused it after every set. But did not know what the right thing to do was.

Damian Zuniga says:

Hello, would you say this is a solid device for weight lifting? I used to have the Microsoft Band II and absolutely loved it. I do wear gloves at the gym. Thanks!

Patrick Guerrisi says:

This would have to be the luckiest fitbit in the world being attached to her wrist all day

cronpuffer420 says:

Awesome video! I just bought this tracker/watch looking forward to using it!

WoTDeathsArrow says:

Thanks for mentioning the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. I’m all about saving money.

ImScrub says:

Haha I just found this channel before I got my Fitbit blaze now I already love it thanks heaps haha I’m going to start a channel I’m a nation sprinter and long jumper haha

Mark Jacobo says:

Thanks for the BB&B tip! I’ll be giving my Charge 2 to my partner and picking up a Blaze!

ezumach says:

Dam, you cracked your FitBit and your Iphone?….Time for an intervention…

2001jkracing says:


dalydose says:

Great review!  I’m looking at getting the Blaze now that the prices have dropped and this will help me out!  I love your accent. It makes me think of “home” in Michigan! 🙂  I assume you are from the Northern middle of the country somewhere.  The “oh geez” was classic!

It’s been a little less than a year since you posted this. Do you still like the Blaze??  Are you actually getting the 5 days charge that they advertise?  Have they updated the software with anything you find useful/fun/interesting??

fahmi9 says:

Did you have any indents on your wrist from wearing the blaze or charge hr long term?

ExposedRoot says:

I read the commenst here. Why is it that men just cannot resist thinking inside their pants? As a woman I find this disheartening.

Oscar Conroy says:

Is this uncomfortable when doing things like push-ups? My gear s2 got a little annoying and felt tight when doing push-ups.

Tracey Ward says:

That was great! Makes me want it even more. I got it a few days ago on Amazon and can’t wait until I get it. I hope it gets me back to the gym. I haven’t been since I got hurt was I was in the army and now I’m back to city life I feel I need to make more time for me again.

MrMirekCZ says:

Hi, how big is your wrist in circumference?

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