Fast Swimming Secret Tip – Core Exercise

Sabir Muhammad demonstrates fast swimming exercises used at the Race Club swim camps to increase core strength. Gary Hall Sr describes these exercises and how they increase strength and speed in the pool. Purchase some of the equipment used in our swimming training program

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2151991 says:

its yoga

flankkks says:

Ouch, pulling on his head 1:35.  that can’t be good

22mohamido says:

Sabir Muhammad, where is he originally from?

ramp trump says:
Julia L says:

Nice eye candy for this video.. ;D  I’m one happy camper

theAbeElement says:

someone needs to tell the guy in the video to exhale during the exertion phase

Ben G says:

Ugh! I can’t do back push up.. :[

JP_L says:

what if i dont have an ab wheel? can i do any similar exercise without wheel?

Rachel Jordan says:

Very helpful, Thanks

Rachel.Dancer says:

by the way just saying as a dancer the “back push ups” are call bridges or back bends

Bella Reed says:

wow this going to help me with swimming

theraceclub says:

One minute on, 30 seconds rest. Repeat 3 times for all stations

MrOmiHomi says:

I am curious as to whether or not your thighs should touch the floor when using the wheel of happiness(ab wheel)?

Aminlv says:

looking for this for a very long time thanks for sharing,
just quick question how long each exercise have to be to build the right muscles ?

sammy guevara says:

Nice work Keep it up! Check out my channel

JohnAlexander says:

Hey I really like your Video!! Would you mind checking out my channel and telling me what you think? Looking for some feed back to grow on. Thnaks!

tp says:

Are any of these core exercises ok for 9 year old? Thank you!

Marco Caldarelli says:

Hi, how many reps for every exercise? And how much time i must stop to reps in reps?

thecrowrains says:

Thank you for this video! Just started pool work partly to reinvigorate my home workouts and for my son who has really taken to swimming over the summer! 

I will use these core strengtheners; thanks! 

Question ~ we saw some “hand paddles” (sp?) that one slips onto their palms for swimming; do you recommend these as a helpful training aid?

vivian fernandes fernandes says:

Vou fica sarada

Minh Duc Le says:

How to swim faster?

The Loobis says:

Did you really need to make this video with a guy in a colorful speedo?

Magee S says:

What a body!

Aminlv says:

seeking for this for a very long time thanks

Tiara Grace says:

Thank you for this!

theraceclub says:

Yoga is great for swimmers. Back pushups are not easy to do but very beneficial…particularly for breaststroke.

textera147 says:

i like the video, its a good guide and its also suitable for people who are not swimmers as well.. thumbs up

isabella herrera says:

thanks bc this will help me a lot

Barbara Kramer says:

Nice sequence of core exercises…back push ups could be a bit tricky for most of swimmers but worthwhile to give it a try!

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