Exercise Anatomy: Chest Workout | Pietro Boselli

In this short video I will show 7 different exercises that target the chest, highlighting the muscles involved, the correct technique and also some quick tips on how to get the maximum out of them. These exercise are useful for bodybuilding and strength training. Please note that this is not a workout routine; I will discuss a workout routine in another series.


1. incline dumbell press
2. flat dumbell press
3. incline flyies
4. flat flyies
5. Pullovers
6. cable flies
7. dips

Filmed, edited, and VFX by
Fahdi Kanavati

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Thanks to
Shaun Stafford and City Athletic


Majid Hussain says:

Can you post an entire workout schedule for ectomorphs please? Including diet too etc. 🙂

Sameer shahid says:

Plzz make a video that how to remove a gap between chest



Gypsy Manabat says:

are you going to show basic workout for female in the future?

val says:

hey pietro, can you recommend any protein drinks (to buy, not self made) which will help grow muscle, or get more defined? preferably for after workout

shismohammad mulla says:

Nice.. Scientific

Christis Karapatakis says:

hello amazing channell. can you explain more in detail about your ab workout?do u use weights for abs training?

DeokSu Ha says:

omg this is amazing video really helpful!! 😀

Ryan Ross says:

Thank you! So informative & helpful!

Nikhil Sharma says:

sum ppl who lift heavy wt. bcm bulky .. on other side sum ppl bcm lean .. why does it happen ?

Abdul Mhd says:

you r too skinny bro…

Ligar Purnama says:

new program exercise. thanks pietro. motivation

Eric Toribio says:

It’s all about the squeeze and those dips always make my chest burn.

What do you think about push ups?

Julia Sandy says:

Please make one of these on the legs and hips!!!

Anjelo Carey says:

better than every workout vid ive seen so far! very futuristic. fitness vloggers are gonna be doing this in no time. lol

Christian C says:

Thanks man! subscribe and like

a mo says:

I hope wenn get the Routine soon

Abdulrhman Hesham says:

Amazing videos thanks
keep going

Res Red says:

Gracias pietro for these illustrated, unprecedented videos 😉

Mohammad Rihan Shaikh says:

plz bro. full workout and diet

Gianmarco Nigro says:

Hi Pietro, I study Mechanical Engineering and I’m Italian. I follow you on Youtube for a long time, I enjoy training and I am proud that an Italian guy has so successfully in these difficult fields. Keep it up, never seen anything like this on YouTube before !

Devester Oner says:

Thank you for all your work and sharing with the world.

1987aloha says:

waiting for abs , leg and tricep

Carlos Espejel says:

Hi Pietro when I do the dumbbell pullovers my shoulder dos hurt can you elaborate on how to protect the shoulder joint? Thanks you’re the best!

Anjelo Carey says:

and all my life i believed the line “nobody’s perfect”.

DregGod says:

Pietro, i go to the gym about 2 years and i have pectum excavatum. I want to ask you how do you recomended me train chest or how can I prioritize the lower chest area and the sternal groove. Dips? Declinade press?

Ali zzstu Beydoun says:

This video helped with my workout a lot!!! Thank you so much

Emily Cheah says:

is this chest workout suitable for ladies. I am very new to workout and would like to start.

lou jo says:

Very helpful and cool video. Thank you so much!! I have a question though.. Ive seen lots of exercises for chest. Are the ones you have shown enough or do we need to follow those too?? Thanks again!!

Joebert villanueva says:

What is the interval between set?

nigggggsF says:

Really love these workout videos, thank you so much for doing this!

Huy Cao says:

Can you do this job with “chest machine”, we really need it…
Tks sir.

Celine de Jong says:

Hi Pietro! I was wondering if you ever listen to music while you’re at the gym? If so, do you have any tune recommendations for us? Thanks so much for making these videos! 😀

Muhammad Alif Nugraha says:

how much weight we can use?

waffle rated amv says:

When did you start working out 🙂

Angelo Fang says:

Niente panca Pietro?

memark666 says:

Does someone know name of the song during this video? Thanks


background music?

kathyjoey2000 says:

Did you realize there’s a channel here on Youtube called Health-Diet-Fitness that is reuploading all of your exercise videos?

Dolunay says:

Quality content bro!

LOL NightSauce says:

this video is just like how warframe works

cutieboy24 says:

Hi Pietro, first of all, you are beyond gorgeous and sexy 😀 Huge fan here. I got a couple of questions wondering if you can help answer for me ^.^
1. I’m following these different muscle group workout videos you posted, should I only focus on doing one muscle group per day or combine them together (for example: chest & arms..) ?
2. I find drinking half a can of Monster Energy drink help me to get ready pre workout. Is it bad for my health to take energy drink before work out ?

Thank you so much gorgeous, hopefully will hear from you. In the mean time, stay healthy and happy 😀

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