Exercise Anatomy: Back Workout | Pietro Boselli

In this short video I will show 7 different exercises that target the back, highlighting the muscles involved, the correct technique and also some quick tips on how to get the maximum out of them. These exercise are useful for bodybuilding and strength training. Please note that this is not a workout routine; I will discuss a workout routine in another series.

1. bent over rows
2. wide grip pull-ups
3. narrow grip pull-ups
4. wide grip lat pull-downs
5. low pulley rows
6. Straight arm pull downs
7. deadlifts

Filmed, edited, and VFX by
Fahdi Kanavati

Intro Music by

Thanks to
Shaun Stafford and City Athletic


fun unlimited says:

Best channel bro

Kelly Ducey says:

Most trainers discourage behind the back pull downs and behind the neck shoulders presses (different video) due to strain placed on the rotator cuff.

Mohamedamine Rahil says:

thank very much Mr

Fawaz Munir says:

Plz plz more exercises

A S says:

Your channel his awesome too good bro I am your new subscriber Ankush

Mark Barbosa says:

that Lat pulldown method is a total No No

Zubair gill says:

one video back home workouts

vistaprime says:

again, I thought he teaches math. I mean who does behind the neck pull downs anymore. He should stick to what he knows.

Daniel Cosma says:

You feel perfect those exercise . Excellent job Pietro!

husain almoteri says:

Link please for the back workout routine

JMorgan51511 says:

Honestly one of the best overall fitness videos I have ever seen! Going to see if you have done this for every body part.

Mark Vargas says:

he’s going to fast, but he’s doing it just for the video. i don’t think he’s comfortable.

Theodore hoho says:

notice the blue shirt behind at 1:38, that guy is the real life flash!

jithish kumar says:

forearm workout video ?

Lekhraj Kothari says:

great job….great

danish khan says:

you are superb…Boss


which software you use

ali bahi says:


Faisal Amir says:

make a video for love handles
how to get rid of them
it would be really helpful

Jose Luis Paz says:

Min 1:40 – 1:44 The man appear twice

A S says:

Please your new video to how to weight loose please for me

G Coy says:

Never do behind the neck anything!

Anthony Fox says:

It`s a crime against humanity dead lift in under pants !

lumia user says:

these channel is awesome

vailet101 says:

Man where have u been all my life

Jon Snow says:

What equipment is he using for his bent over rows?

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