Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson Workout 2017

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steve brown says:

Cool guy! Would love to meet him!

Ansel Curtis Mbadinga says:

2:00 song plz?

Mightycube123 says:


ShutupNerd Znsns says:

My last name is watt and my initials is jjw

jane moselfrau1 says:

das ist unglaublich wie man so aussehen kann dieser wunderschöne Mann Dwayne J

Miloš Vasin says:

He’s on steroids.

Office Kitty says:

Meanwhile here I am sitting on the couch watching this. I think I’ll just live vicariously through the rock.

ruby13125 says:

I can watch u all day


I really appreciate Dwayne Johnson. It really is a legend !! Excellent source of inspiration and motivation!

rana jafar says:


Diqna Petkova says:

You are the best menn

Mike Hill says:


Shadow Heart says:

he is playing with the ropes he likes to pretned he is herculees and whipping horses

Le Me says:

Is he going to failure on his sets?

Kevin Lorimer says:

A lot of Eminem songs in this gym

Terrace Culture says:

Well he’s big as hell but a really bad actor!!

Cyv says:

His ankles are too skinny… Steroids…

SiaGyal K says:

Fuck sake his arm is as big as my head!

Jeff Xu says:

they should make a show about him training. i think this real training stuff is more interesting than wrestling even thought i myself neither body build nor watch wrestling

Say Say's Kitchen says:

i just want to know why he says “double” sometimes.

jane moselfrau1 says:

an so einem Anblick kann man sich echt ergötzen nur anschauen nix anderes

Rebecca Holmes says:

Yes….. I pick this guy

Emmanuel Bellerive says:

whenever he say’s “FOCUS!!!” I just keep picturing all the gym fails uploaded online lol

Liam Strand says:

utility encounter universal anger accomplish category theology tv on.

Lily Pond says:

the rock and his pupper <3

Lisa Schultz says:

4:48 lool

Mizael Vargaz says:

What is the 2 minute song?

Sydney Crisos says:


Fran Aalba says:

never pony!

Michael Thomas says:

Just did 22 push-ups for the veterans

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