Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson Workout 2016


Song Hyun choi says:


Manuel Madrigal says:

name of music min 5:38

AlDaXoNi says:

did he use steroids

KavlosteMeViagra says:

i wanna know what steroid cycles he did so bad!!!

carmen alicia cano medina says:

oe estosita cabayo

Ernandes Dos Santos Pereira says:

cara vc é um mostro

Sebastian Bruno says:


junior de jesus says:

um dia eu chego lá

paul jayunga says:

Does he saying “focus” or “fuck ass”?????!

Vana lrs says:

I love you <333!

Regal Lama says:

Can anyone give me the song name?4:50


wow you are strong he he he

A7 STUDIO says:


Randy Redman says:

I love The Rock, he was my hero growing up!

Gabriel Carlos Baarbosa Werneck says:

Focus Brasil

Harambe's dad says:

at 4:010 John Cena is there

Harley Pasoz says:

does anyone know what is the song at 2:28 minute??

Nayzighi Mengistab Hagos says:

i like the way u smile the rock

Joseph says:

He’s a corn ball to me

Carlos González Barco says:

2:27 that is a big back

Jrreik Levi Andaya says:

I think he’s trying to say Fuck us in a british accent.

legendarygamer says:

4:19 me when my phone is not fucosing

Carlos González Barco says:

4:33 how does he move his pecs like that?

Kyle Hodges says:


Milke Firwelo says:

how do i get here i just watching basketball

ricardo lima says:

3:24 music ? please

Milke Firwelo says:

dwayne johnson the rock has big muscles

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