Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Training 2018

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson training & workout 2018!

Music: WWE If you smell (The Rock)
Man of Steel I Will Find Him
Crossing the Chasm Kevin MacLeod

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AnonymusEversus4527 says:

The first song is dean ambrose theme 😮

OpticalXray says:

Gorilla piss lol thats the team im on

Jeong-Min Lee says:

Btw 35kg is 77~ pounds. He’s lifting 77 pounds.

Ankul Upreti says:

He can probably knock people out with a dick slap .

Jay custom says:

Fuck Yeah Rock! Get that Shit!!!!!!!!

Kelvin Balboa says:

Sure The Rock is blessed with great genetics, I also believe that he doesn’t use steroids contrary to public opinion. Even if he actually was, there’s no way in this universe that his physique comes without discipline and without a serious amount of hard work. To top that off, he’s freakin’ 46!

David Johnson says:

Sir you are so strong and dedicated in doing what you love to do. You have inspired me in so many ways there are many times in my weight loss journey I wanted to quit because I was not seeing the results I want. By seeing how you keep yourself going though all doubt and all the hatters that think less of you I for one wish I could get some pointer on how I can get pass the brick wall that stops me from achieving my goal. I wish I could workout with you and get your professional knowledge on how you build muscle to better myself you awesome sir great work on achieving your goals maybe one day I will achieve mine.

Zen_Out DuDe says:


jeff buchanan says:

C’mon Rock. Don’t leave out the part where you take the needle. That’s also a big part of your workouts. Without the roids you’d be just like every other 6’5″ Samoan.

យ៉ាៗ ស៊ុន says:

I love you

KEEVVY says:

Till you sweet that’s real training

EzpzTuts says:

Don’t get how he sweats so damn much

Hamplet Hamplet says:

I love u the rock

manhunt says:

Why train so hard if you’re like a bull already?

Chris Thesier says:

Hollywood suckass

DA/ID 0MAN says:

I love this dude

Greg Hall says:

Good advertising. Under Armour has teamed up with The Rock.

Salma Banu says:

Nice vedio rock

iMortal SKD says:

Why is he working out in so hot conditions

Mr Whale says:


Isabel Cristina says:

Nossa que homem grande

Madrid Prod says:

قا ريح

Gracie Kitty says:

i bet he could kill me with his little finger like omg

SillyRiceCat says:

Erected penis? I think not

Krishan Sharma says:

You are my favourite Hollywood actor

10,000 Subscribers without videos?! says:

*I bet his arm’s weight is my whole weight.*

jakab Gal says:

The Rock natural?

LS_Dpau says:

I am calling that all the dislikes are liberals.

No offense!!

Krishan Sharma says:

You are my favorite wrestler please please join wwe again rock and beat everyone

braf zachland says:

ig the poster didn’t watch the video or he woulda been more motivated to fix the audio

xXTigress MSP says:

imagine if someone said he looked weak while they were at the gym…… then he took off his hoodie. Instant REGRET

Salma Banu says:

Frist www then mummy film very good

Criptufu Pantalones says:

I’m brazilian, in my city when is 92 degrees we’re wearing hoodies.

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