Deadlifts – 5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes

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Deadlifts are one of the best exercises out there to build your back but it’s easy to make these 5 mistakes. In this video we’ll show you what common Deadlift mistakes to avoid.

1. Improper Arm, Shoulder and Hip Movement
2. Wrong Exercise (Doing Romanian Deadlifts)
3. Hips Too Low
4. Rounding Your Back
5. Relying on Lifting Gear


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Wannabe HockeyPRO says:

Thanks dude

Phatec says:

Modified squat? You mean a “sumo deadlift”?

Ratnakar Arumugam says:

Is possible to do a video on benefits and demerits of romanian dead lift?

01coyote13 says:

Has anyone ever seen people place the bar on a squat rat and deadlift from there? The dudes don t start from the floor as mentioned in mistake #2, is it the same mistake?

Chris Homer - Vegan Athlete says:

Dude…! Great tips

indee says:

alright dudes

Donovan Samari says:

I recommend not wearing shoes with deadlifts

Darkness says:

Thank you, I don’t think that I make this mistakes. It was knowledgeable!

Doug Sneddon says:

95% of people in see deadlifting in the gym are doing it wrong. Although, 95% is probably only like 6 people

christopher ross says:

Thanks! This video really showed me how to improve my technique.

Functional contractions says:

If the case is just weak back extension , check firstly your mobility , then build your strength and don’t forget endurance . Being able to endure training volume as an intermediate is a tool to get stronger

dutchschaefer says:

I tried deadlifting the bar today. God it felt so awkward.

Gustav says:

He sounds like Jake Tapper. Good point on the hip height.

madbear3512 says:

Mistake#6 showing off. Instead of doing a good job and proper form

Ricardo Gato Gil says:

I pulled 275lbs after checking my form and all. I did a whole rep with good form and my back killed itself right next to the left lat. Rest in peace.

Noah Gibson says:

Most common mistake is neck position!! Neck should straight compared to torso but most people crank there necks up all the way through. Might help make thelift but really damages the cervical spine.

Thomas Buxton says:

For me the hardest part is the second part of the movement; lowering the barbell to the ground . Is your back meant to arch, or go straight down? Would appreciate a proper tutorial on this buff dudes !!

Son Nguyen says:

Hey! Thank you for ur video! I am starting deadlifts!

Mr.Mister says:

I mean I think my deadlift is fine but I always start doubting myself when I watch videos like this.

Ratnakar Arumugam says:

His voice, info is straight forwards and crystal clear. Thanks a lot for video. It helped me a lot.

The Mature people 4real says:

1, Stop trying to impress yourself, it isn’t how heavy it is it’s about how maby times you csn do it.

Coda will win says:

I’ve preformed deadlifts for the first time today and I’m happy I did it correctly. You guys helped a lot. Thanks!

Michael Llauget says:

Youre dat dude

Sun G Shin says:

Thanks Dude

Nuke Mdfkz says:

Romanian deadlift lol, I’m from Romania and I don’t do it likethat

Jonas Juarez says:

Yikes I was taught to do the one hand over and one hand under grip since I started going to the gym. Is this really that bad of an issue? Now for the past year thats always how i’ve been deadlifting. Does it actually make a big difference holding the bar with 2 overhand grip? Or should I just continue?

F. Hawk says:

Ok dude, thanks for the help dude. Dude.

Michael Flading says:

This man looks like Jax from sons of anarchy

Reuben Liendo says:

G.I. Joe PSA reference at the end.

sonnyblack0870 says:

Background music reminds me of Super Mario for SNES

Jefferey Soling says:

Hey dudes can someone tell me the use of straps
Ive seen people literally use straps for every exercise like bench press and lat pulls for example

Punx is idol and noise says:

I’m not trying to sound like a troll but real talk is my crotch (junk) suppose to hit the bar during a deadlift? Someone told me because I have short arms. I’m 5’7 male

Mercury Creeper says:

love the way he explains things

Adam Fawcett says:

I find, due to tight hamstrings, I can either bring my hips low or have a curved back.

I do low hips as the lesser of two evils.

Functional contractions says:

In other cases it’s the hamstrings that can’t hold hips down on launch , causing knees to extend prematurely with bar drifing away from mid-line , causing the weight to become a burden on lower back .

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