David Laid 3 Year Natural Transformation 14-17

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Flexing For Teen says:

Subscribe to my channel, I do very interesting video of teen body transformation and other video motivation bodybuilding

Charles Devereaux says:

I was told since I’m Native American I probably won’t ever look like this, is this true??

Roger says:

It looks very natural really ! But some steroids helped out or ?

Dr. Moe says:

Sei troppo vanitoso!! Lo hai fatto per farti vedere dagli altri e basta!!

Deeny says:

And he was walking to a gym? His body was very small at 14 but how’d he get soo many muscle mass? Pls answer

Caique Simplicio says:


Forever Exploring says:

i actually want to know how his highschool career went.

Isac Ekstrand says:

Watched this for a whole year Before every workout #Motivation

Дэн says:

как ты накачался ?

Glenn Maxwell says:

which protein powder you take

Bubble Van says:

what music is that?

Early Man says:

All natty.

taufik afik says:

what song you use in first start this video

Ma Xi says:

wow this iz brilliant transformation

EriK HD says:

very good

Jack Hammer says:

he looks like justine beiber

RBZ Chaos says:


chandni khan says:

superb transformation

MichalichFag says:

Fucking nonsense… I mean thats KINDA obvious that the guy have used like a ton of steroids to get this shape
That’s fucking obvious to every person who’s ever done any sports however there’re STILL people thinking he’s natural
That is like having a large group of people who watch 2 guys having unprotected buttsex with each other and those people argue the shit out of them to decide whether those guys gay or not
Fucking nonsense

Sania Sergeev7 says:

music tracklist?


perfect physique

suiluJ esreveR says:


Deeny says:

He took muscle gainer or how did he get so many muscle mass?

Rizki Pratama says:

good vidio

SharpshooterCNR says:

This is a pure message to ectomorphs right there. even skinny people can change, just look at this dude, where he started where he at

Naomi van den Bergh says:

you are hotttt babyyy

SiM says:

“All natty “

Jearl Price says:

Eyes in the Sky…

Mighty Joe says:

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Данил Миронов says:


Ei Lof ju says:

everybody starts somewhere

Lucas Freire says:

david laidd o mais foda de todos! !!

I Drop Them says:

Is this the only legit one?

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