Connor Murphy Natural Body Transformation

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thevideomakerish says:


Malik Robinson says:

he is transforming while I’m watching this video with my fatass breathing hard like an animal

perkw says:

natural btw

Bailey Van De Luitgaren says:

whats are the best things you can eat to get a body like you?

Talas99 CAE says:

Every time i watch this i got motivation to keep doing what am doing

Jayson Stonne says:

Wow. That is an amazing transformation. Good job.

Nick says:

I’m 16 and like 120lbs. Im just tryna get bigger and buffer lol

M1994 Edd1994 says:

Is it natural ?? Cos you did a huge transformation from 17 to 21

Vetal G says:

White Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rico says:

WTF? pause at exactly 4:03 – It looks like 2 AK 47s facing away from each other

erasmus gold says:

Lmao you weren’t 185lbs at 17. Those pics you are maybe 175 max depending on your height.

tom is a nigg3r says:

The cringe god

ben llewellyn says:

I find myself clicking on these types of videos all the time, then think i have just wasted a portion of my life watching complete fucking garbage. STAY OUT OF MY SITE……

M1994 Edd1994 says:

Congratulations dude

elite vlogs says:

Connor, whats your work out routine

Artur Hayrullin says:

You’re motivating me

RD Van Leer says:

this video inspired me a lott

Luis Kuhn says:


Class says:

theres hope for all of us

2702 says:

This guy needs to deadlift more, he’s missing all the deadlifting muscles

Ajdin H. says:

why tf does he stick with yt he can go and be next fcking david beckham

Blashphemous HD says:

At fifteen I had bigger arms then him lol


You should do a jawline improvement.


LooToS Bg says:

Sorry for hate , but that is not natural !

Blue Gaming says:

ur transformation is a lot better than me because my muscles are still the size of a peanut.

TheBoon14 says:

0:54 looked like a cool kid, but then temporarily had autism at 0:58 LOL

jun luo qiu says:


I dont care says:

205 pounds of muscle holy shit im only 104 in all fair ness I am only 14 so good enough

Blashphemous HD says:

Good for you Connor!!!!

TheReal TayTay says:

How far into the video does he transition? Does he still use the men’s room?

the prankistan says:

you are wonderful

Roger Edwards says:

his head looks like the viagra got stuck in his throat

Alex Lee says:

After using a sharpie and Drew on my stomach, I had a 6 pack in 30 seconds.

Digital Majid says:

Respect From PAKISTAN… <3

ParisSage M says:

His structure and height reminds me of David Gandy. Just my opinion. Great physique.

The King TV says:

SURE, natural. right, right

Angel lemus likes Dragon ball Z says:

Thank you Conner you motivated me into getting in shape

John Intus says:


Pao com mortadela says:

Of course he used whey protein guys.
But it’s not a bad thing.

CloudSky TV says:

lols, he’s a comedian with aesthetics XD

Nathan Lopez says:

Conner u have motivated me to start working out ever since I started watching ur videos

wt3 ipop says:

He did not mention about woman, do you have to stay away from them for awhile? If yes, I quit! lol

Ultimate Move says:

natural ? so protein poeder is natural

zyzz says:

natural don’t fuck me

Santiago Alfonzo-Meza says:

I will die happy knowing that I may never look like that, but at least I know “reconstructure” is not a word. A nice body gets you far, but knowing how to use words, boy oh boy, if you can do that, the sky’s the limit

Lonzo Ball says:

Conner must of had alot of hoes his senior year

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