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The food you eat is hands down the most expensive part of bodybuilding. The shear volume of food plus the fact that you need high quality muscle building foods that are high in protein, complex carbs, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals can be hard for people who are on a tight budget.

In this video you’re going to learn some practical tips that you can use to make bodybuilding much more affordable. From making better food choices and knowing where to buy certain foods (and where NOT to buy them) can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year on your bodybuilding grocery bill.

Cheap bodybuilding foods.
Low cost bodybuilding meal ideas.
Tips for eating a bodybuilding diet on a budget.
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M Spencer says:

what about the tuna packets with soy protein in it? still good?

ayaan ahmed says:

sure…thank you.

John Brian Macahig says:

I’m trying to be healthy but my dad keeps me feeding junk and I told him to cook healthy foods more often and He just like…. Go to hell. –,–

mussie zeru says:

it’s a good video thanks .

David Slater says:

we don’t have egg whites here

john mcintyre says:

a good informative video for people to eat right and boost protein and lower fats.
I have followed diets like these in past, and I am going back to it. good videos.

stu pid says:

i wish i liked tuna fish

Evan Chavez says:

We discovered about the diet “lyly amazing guide” thru a Google search. In just a few days, I’ve dropped a lot more than 10 lbs. You need to give it try and I promise you’ll be overwhelmed at the great results you’ll see within just a couple days. You’ll love this.

Cole Mayberry says:

or just buy someones food stamps for .5 on the dollar!!hhahahahahha

Chris Yu says:

I noticed the ground beef is cheaper that day, but still i didn’t buy it cause i dont know how to cook ground beef. May i ask how do you cook ground beef.

Gedappa Gepetto says:

A Biblical Breakthrough That Melts Body Fat With Practically No Effort…

bemtikru says:

every time i hear the word “chicken” i think of leroy jenkins

sdfg dfgsdfg says:

wat about vegan bodybuilding diet

arron frederick says:

frozen items to much sodium

Shawn Lauderdale says:

Thank you. Much appreciated

flatearthrandy says:

think about eternity …. Luke 21;36

FuLLeFFekT1 says:

Rice is cheapest at asian grocery stores and canned salmon is waaaay better than tuna, less mercury..annnd cheaper!

00ironcross says:

great Video. lotta helpful info.

RIO BOW says:

Very true about beans.
Very tasty to.
Dont knock it. Lol.
Very informative.

Elsa Beck says:

We couldn’t believe it when my coworker shared with me regarding the diet “lyly amazing guide” he’d found. Search it on Google. I really could hardly believe my eyes when she lost 15.6 pounds so quickly I can almost watch the pounds melt away as she worked.

Julian Smith says:

try buying for in Australia. It is so bloody expensive. like the idea of mince meat as substitute to cuts. Roo mince is pretty good too coz it is so low in fat. Not sure about pancakes or peanut butter tho. Never understood why peanut butter was spruiked by bodybuilders. thought it too oily and fattty

Joe Quinn says:

After a friend of mine implemented this diet plan “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) to get rid of 16 lbs, I actually found out a lot about it. Consequently of course I read straight into detail about it on google.

jonathan bear geronimo Ramaker says:

frozen is probably cheaper,.. though everything frozen will bring down the hertz in the foods, and when the hertz go down in foods and in your body you get more vulnerable to sicknesses,..

Fazy Malik says:

sir can uh send me on my mail this diet plan

David Slater says:

yea I’m not sure about pancakes. ,but goof video

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