Bruce Lee’s Training & Workouts

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This video explains the awesome, unique training techniques of Bruce Lee in detail. This is how he developed his explosive power and speed, as well as his incredibly low bodyfat and amazing endurance.

Bruce Lee trained using a combination of compound and isolation lifts, as well as lots of running for cardio and bag work for HIIT. He trained a huge amount and was always experimenting and finding new ways to increase his strength, speed and power.

What was really interesting though was the way he worked his fast twitch muscle fibers and mind-muscle connection. He was ahead of his time as something of a biohacker and used techniques like overcoming isometrics, speed training and iso-contraction. All of which we shall be discussing in this video!



Tim Dörfler says:

Bla bla bla i want to see workout not you talking 10 mins

Rafael Ugalde says:



Definitely make something on his philosophy

Dustin Keomaka says:

Wow truly, nice video dude keep it up, miss you Bruce

Higgo Vatch says:

Lol! Look how fat you are! Why would anyone listen to you?

Mastermind420ish says:

thank you sir

Nitish Laipubam says:

What is the name of the guy in 10:18 who can use more muscle fibres?

Breakneck says:

If Bruce Lee died tomorrow the doctors would find he used steroids and had a stroke from continued use of them.

Walt F says:

I wonder if there are people who has the entirely same motivation as Bruce has today…

James Sarvan says:

One of the strongest people alive pound for pound in his lifetime?
What’s your evidence for that?
You showed in the other video that he did squats with like 90 pounds…. That’s laughable. Where is his supposed feats of strenght?

darth maul says:

The energy you would need to train like bruce would be enormous

Kazimir Kennedy says:

Very grate

Bruce FUCKIN vane! says:

for a person that loves Bruce Lee so much your body is in horrible condition. !!! my god man. you’re built like Austin Powers

Fardin Ali says:

Bruce Lee my friend my name is fardin Ali India ka hu

Danyal Ahmed says:

Boardsss don’t hit back

raul moreno says:

Great video, I learned a lot from it. There were some tips and tricks I had no idea were even effective. Thank you. Long live Bruce Lee.

AAA James Bond says:

Never the less… He always gave more importance to his Bones than Muscles…!

Ying Yang says:

He doesn’t really work on his arm he work on his wings and strength. Ask u can see and try make him fast.

Freakzontour says:

you dont really practice martial arts, dont you?…

MuscleNeck Gulino says:

You have a great physique, I’ve been trying to get there myself.

Shotgun Zombie says:

And I’ve had mma fanboys try to tell me that Bruce Lee wouldn’t have had the endurance to last in a fight against today’s mma fighters. Xp

Suman Roy says:

Goku defeated Bruce Lee long time ago when goku was just a kid

Daniel Riddle says:

Bruce lee didn’t run everyday, he believed it stressed the joints in the legs too much. He did a lot of jump rope and stationary bicycling

Sergio Franco says:

Dude wtf are u talking about

divedeepinside says:

I’m not training in any sense but your description was very interesting and the way you admire Bruce , this is the proper way to understand him and his training , THANK you !

Jay Marasigan says:

You need to have slim Asian body before performing his training style to see the same physique figure.

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