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Physical culture (or fitness) transforms into bodybuilding when you know and strictly perform certain rules. Decide! What do you want from gym? Health or sport result (huge muscles). A you ready to limit yourself in a delicious food and noisy parties? If you really want muscles, then you need understand few important rules which transform usual physical culture into bodybuilding. And now I will tell you this important rules.


Clint Lawler says:

Russians speaking English sounds awesome

Adnan Afroz says:

Carry on brother you are doing great. It’s just a language and you’ll have it in no time, on the other hand, Russian is tough language.

Nicole Garner says:

thanks for ur vid

lota68 says:

Flex that language man!

Rajasekhar Gudla says:

Good English. Thx for the video

Klusbedrijf Den Haag says:

Thanks Great Vid.

MuletTheSlacker Surname says:

Hey Brother, do you want to go bowling?

Thomy Pangan says:

thank you sir for another idea

Fearless Girl says:

This is the best video on advice for beginners. It is so practical with sound advice. Your philosophy reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger, specifically the visualization aspect of body building. Thank you for this awesome video!

Max Shaver says:

Hey bro. Great video and I was wondering if you’re going to make a nutrition video. I like how you explain things. strangely, it makes more sense.

Hank Hill says:

Great video. Cheers from America my Russian cousin!

Alpha Living says:

solid vid, keep up the good work. peace!

Stephen Wilson says:

Your English is good. Only a few mistakes. Good job!

pamfflett says:

Дэн, ты красавчик!!!

Thomas Cremers says:

Your English might not be perfect (yet), but your explanation is much better than most! I really like your part where you advice building muscle memory first when it comes to perfect technique.

Alex Vol says:

Жёсткий акцент

CDN Fitness Amateur Goes To Thailand! says:

Hey Dennis. Please don’t be too self-conscious about your English. I admire your bravery to try to express yourself in the language you are learning. I am a Canadian who just moved to Thailand and is trying to learn their language. I have to be brave and keep trying. Sometimes some Thais just are impatient and roll their eyes and refuse to be helpful, but quite often I interact with people who are patient and helpful. Again, your video is appreciated because you cover some good principles of bodybuilding AND provide a good model of someone who is learning a new language and goes for it. Your English is good in this video. You are completely understandable.

Samu Palander says:

Great video and i think your english is really good!

MrZLANGO says:


Jeses Salazar says:

So if I weigh 200 lb do I need 200 grams of protein

Hector Luna says:

Good job on the video. Great job on the English. Best of luck bro.

مترجم لغة إنجليزية says:

zis vizio iz good

N.O.V.E ENT says:

nice video thank you

Mik Jensen says:


Joseph McDey says:

Guys, this guy is the best advisor in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness, I watch him in Russian and I know more than some of the fitness instructors within the gyms that I have gone to. Thank you Denchik, Pomenjal moyu zhizn !!! Respect ot serdca !

Alpha '95 says:

who gives a fuck about his english?!?!!! I’m here to build muscle and listen to an intelligent guy speak about something he knows!!!
thanks for the advice man!!!

Вася Иванов says:

мы слова разделяем, а у англичан какая-то каша, ни одного слова не понять

shakeel ali says:

Now this guy is one of the best bodybuilding advisors learned so much from this video

Danya Walker says:

Походу и вправду, американцы менее какахи, чем русские троли. Дизов почти нет. Ниодной фуры

ElChovi6369 says:

Great video! Very informative. Thank you!

Amazing Aesthetics says:

Ден, красава, английский на высоте!))

Anushka Madusanka says:

thank you sir,very useful

FatBoi says:

nice video barrister I think u mean work not wish

deiveegan deva says:


Dimitri Boyarski says:

Thanks man! Listening to English audio books helped me a lot when I was learning the language.

Mark Lowe says:

Your English is a lot better than my Russian, great video.

TheBulletsttorm says:

Denchyk, zhgy

Rubz Czo says:

I could do with big Masals!

Ethan The Dankest says:

Wait, what do you mean by “little sins” in fitness? Is that a religious thing or a bodybuilding term?

Alok sheoran says:

@8:26  train all body farts

Serp says:

С произношением хорошо. Всё понятно

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