Bodybuilder vs MMA Fighter: Jujimufu Sparring Shane Fazen

I had the pleasure of sparring with the anabolic acrobat: Jujimufu! Juji is a big bodybuilder at 235 lbs, standing at 5’11. Shane, the fighter, is pretty little — 145 lbs, at 5’8. We did 4 rounds: boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and grappling. Comment who you think won!
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Седат Шахин says:

05:09 No thumbs in the eyes? baah

Jimothy Snooker says:

bitch tits

neo stiv says:

I’m so glad the way youtube turned things indirectly competing with TV and way better than tv. As this youtubers and many others, everybody having their opportunity to shine and reach an audience of millions. TV corporations will not let you that, they have some sort of segregation in that matter. Just a random comment, no one is asking my opinion but just saying

Cinnamanster A says:

rolled with some guys even bigger than that (not as strong, but defininetly bigger) when I was training BJJ, and man is it exhausting.
Also, that was totally me when I started. I have no idea how to submit you, but I will just try to stop you doing whatever it is you are trying to do.

Samudra Puma says:

dude i loooove jujimufu haha

Chase Wilson says:

what you gay

GediSpock says:

That was great.

The right amount of friendliness.

Woens says:

He’s not a body builder, he’s just a big dude

Martin Kove says:

gay sex at 10:10

ZEmBaNu Nega says:

Big man with martial arts skill is a dangerous combo.

Fosi94 says:

11:17 Breaking posture DENIED. TOP KEK!!!!

VicMcLov1n says:

lol that was great! strength plays too big a roll in grappling. He looks to be super strong so it’s good he is not a grappler lol. dope video, thanks bro.

The People's Show says:

10:00 onwards had some good karma sutra moves

Attila Alan says:

They love eachother. Nice hugs.

Adam Saeba says:

Blatent homosexuality is over 9000 10:06

Tarsen1012 says:

This was a great video.

Vergara4real _ says:

Gay as fuck

horacio tinajero says:

Big dude looks like Hercules

Michael Ngo says:

I’m 8 an I’m a wight belt 🙁

NxghtTXXXMEanklegrind says:

That was the funniest sparring match ever xD nice video lol

david cadena says:

11:00 I came

Xan Man says:

Gayest fight club ever man

akaveli2g says:

Awesome Freaking video bro!

Non Life says:

Shane I have a question in Muay Thai does being aggressive pay off ?

Delegado valdivia says:

can you make a video explaining the counter technique for the rear choke in the floor in 13:05 please


I like friendly fighting

Stone Cold says:

Bubble bubble bubble gut

Reaves Christie says:

This was awesome, thank you.

Cyrus Castrodes says:

shane you should train gym for mass again

Journeys MT says:

Two men with egos tempered by training. Both recognizing their own respective limitations. Being willing to learn from each other to and put that out there for the world to see. Kudos!

Nerdly Neighbor says:

Great job Shane and Juji! Not sure how it’ll end it if this was an MMA match, because it was only sparring.

Slavin Ronald says:

The Lesson is: a big Body is not all!

Martin Kove says:

raw strength always helps in areal fight..this proves it..especially on the ground and in close combat

SolidSnake1284 says:

that was sick thumbs up

Victor Guarneros says:


BourbonLegend says:

Sorry what, a social experiment? Do you even know what that means?

matias natale says:

reconocelo, si el tipo queria te asesinaba en los primeros 15 segundos o menos
una cosa es pelear con una diferencia de 10 kilos donde la velocidad puede llegar a dar vuelta una pelea, pero en este caso una diferencia de peso / fuerza tan abrumadora seria simplemente una locura

iFAPPERi says:

this was fun to watch

Jimothy Snooker says:

that guy is just an awesome ass dude. he’s so humble. he knows his place both as an ability to smush you and to get outpointed.

Cole Anderson says:

Is it just me or does this guy have some roid gut?

daemonturk says:

beer-belly 6-pack?

Charlie says:

This big guy is a clown

MrHungryWalrus says:

social experiment?

henri aouad says:

Honestly the bodybuilder is pretty good and the MMA fighter is pretty bad for an MMA fighter lol.

Nicholas Chambers says:

4.5 million views

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