BIG ARMY GUY – Extreme Fitness

BIG ARMY GUY – Extreme Fitness

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syed muhammad waqar says:

i like it…

Sholder Knees says:

am i the only one that thinks that these guys want atention? i mean why wearing camo?

AnonymousHuman * says:

“Be All You Can Be”
“Army Strong”
“This We’ll Defend”

carzy RiZwaN says:


Sanjay Singh says:

thats deadly!! seriously!!! very high will power

Aaron Creagh says:

This guy is DEFINITELY strong!!!

Rana Touseef says:


장기훈 says:

always thank u for ur sercice 🙂 fighting usa army

Manendar Verma says:

Isn’t this against regulation to train in duty uniform. I thought for PT they had to have PT’s on.

DaniZonaa _ says:

he looks like john cena 😀

TheCakings says:

Why does every Marine guy look like John Cena

DSWEIG says:

His core lvl is over 9000

Extreme unorthodox bodybuilding says:

very impressive

งงงวย งวยงง says:

supper strong

bung holeo says:

I feel intimidated, on my way to planet fitness

Kek HD says:

Only this guy on a propaganda Video every Nation would Quit the war ..

David Lopez Mora says:

but then he gets a punch in his jaw and he is gone

socalbby says:

I wish this guy worked out at my gym

Avi Dasgupta says:

what’s is the height of the man in the video?
I don’t gym because I m short.!
but i like gym.

Talk Nerdy To Me says:

i wouldn’t want to be a terrorist and come by this guy

TritonnOG says:

I feel like he can just rip me to shreds with his bare hands.

Anil Kanojia says:

real cammando

Misty Tramel says:

this makes me want to go to the gym and try this all lol and see if u can fall in my face ha

Yukiko Walmer says:

∂σ үσυ ωαηт тσ ℓσss ωειgнт ιη נυsт 3 ωεεкs тнαη cнεcк συт тнιs : –


my favourite bodybuilding vid….

smiley jaden says:

he looks like gi joe

mr wasif says:

2:09 WTF???

Dominik Hlousek says:


李白 says:

so strong

Djarto the 2nd says:

the guy is a marine not from the army

sanket gavade says:

if this guy spends so much time in gym when does he go on army training??

rainbow blitz says:

He makes it look so easy

X.M.F says:


Dylan Mckerley says:

these guys arrent real army the real army guys are skinny weedy looking fuckers

Sandeep Sonu says:

one gun shot everything finished

Bluu Mann says:

3:09 the guys watching like what the fuck we doing here

Aravind Sekhar says:

hats off!

Mehmet Ali Demir says:

These kind of people are what you can call upgraded versions of humans in relation to body health and strenght…


I think he is John cena…


u r robo

Joshua Edwards says:

I’m looking to join the army and while I wait I’ll look like him

Daniel Cervantes says:

who the h.. go to the gym with that clothes?

Rdx Entertainment says:

I want to subscribe your channel its lovely

Kent Fällman says:

He has obviously taken steroids and / or other enhancements, end of story.

Sonu Sharma says:

nice video very good exercise

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