Biceps workout with VIctor Martinez

Lesson 1 –
Lesson 2 –
Lesson 3 –
Lesson 4 –
Lesson 6 –


MrGaragenation says:

Do concentration curls target the outer bicep (short head) ?

XXX tentacion says:

Penis Seats

Ali Almaidan says:

charlie is a bitch

Raffaele Marino says:


Mayur Rajput says:

thank you

Alex Epic Fitness & Food says:

one of the smoothest likeble guys in bodybuilding and great explainer too

Fat Tails says:

try half speed at 0:54

Yanis Djouhri says:

LignjoslavLignja says:

ey eyyy Charlie

Štěpán Kubásek says:

“Right to the top”
*upper arm and forearm perpendicular*

XXX tentacion says:

Nutrition is key

Garry Sharma says:

from india World zym

kunal sakpal says:

sexy body

XXX tentacion says:

Great Video

Griffiith says:

those veins are bigger than my arms alone…

Big AK says:

Good video. I like the way you explain everything.

Scruffy039 says:

oh damn i been doing it wrong

Ahmad Thabet says:

victor martinez u r sooooooo good man i lik u

Louis Jeune Junior says:

my video

Trizzy Gohard says:

Concentration… Why Such A Long Name

Ghee Rock says:

Victor, your biceps workout is one of the best I’ve seen. After 4 weeks, I noticed a huge development. I’m very thankful to you Sir. Please keep posting more workout vids. Thanks.

chikiwiki0807 says:

are only 2 excercises enough on bicep day for a guy who;s been going to the gym for a few years?

Jason says:

Look, its Spanish Phil Heath !

BlievUCanUwill says:

Mind muscle concentration Excellent Advice Victor !! Love to see you alon with Kevin 2016/17??

Neeraj Kumar says:


Wildcard Svendsen says:

Victor don’t ever look at me and say squeeze like that again. lol

George E says:

*Working Out At The Gym? Here’s Why The GYM Isn’t The Best **** Place to Get The Results You Want*

ross sanders says:

Vin Diesel?

Amber Rivera says:

Let’s get this shit right man

Fat Tails says:

try @ 0.5x speed. LMAO…I’m balling my eyes…too funny

Garry Sharma says:

Love you

adrixyperla ortizmora says:

vin diesel fuck up

Triff Mugurel says:

this guy its huge but fucking talks real slow …u might think hes high

Abhishek Kiran says:

This guy’s awesome..Thanks man

nowyourenraged2 says:

yo oil injecting. His muscles like like FAKE TITTIES, JELLO.

RS1248 says:

Victor workout vids is life!

SickKent says:

Hey hey Charlie I’m doing hey hey Charlie! Lol

Robert Simon says:

best biceps video ever !!  thanks !

Vilius Sparnauskas says:

looks like Diesel on some gear

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