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-900g of mixed frozen berries
-180g of Protein Powder
-1.2L of Soy Milk (or alternative)
-240g of rolled oats
-30g of Chia seeds

– 900g of organic Tofu
– 450g frozen spinach
– 750g carrots
– 600g Red Peppers
– 600g Onion

– 1,200g Sweet potatoes
– 1,200g Broccoli
– 150g non added sugar Salsa
– 105g Hummus
– 1050g cooked lentils



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– Jon Venus

The Quest For Fitness


Altered State of Mind says:

Do you really have to eat chia? Those are the nastiest slimy things that imo is not worth it.

Fraaz Rehman says:

Bro… this is actually sick!

Paul Burley says:

I love the editing skillls especially the pro look during describing the kcal content etc. What program did you use?

Felmoy Gaming says:

These meals look good

R. says:

Is protein powder important? Lmao

Steff Peeters says:

Isn’t soy milk bad for men ?

Shinigami BlackWhite says:

How many meals do we need to eat a day for gaining weight and bulking?

DLY says:

frozen uncooked oats, chia seeds with frozen berries and cold soya, that must taste pretty disgusting! can’t even spare 5 mins to cook them?

Goochy Mayn says:

Bro hummus is like 6$ here wtf

andrew arias says:

I’m a T1D and I would love to try this… But the carb count is really intimidating… I will be giving it a try starting Sunday of next week however. I work out on a regular basis, I should be fine I hope

Egor patula says:

This is a nice movie I think. However, You should take Woo&Pep diet if you want to learn more about diet.

pasta0alfredo says:

Love this!! Def going to try it this upcoming week!

UcanbeGOD says:

John Venus a real nigga

TheMesoPeaks says:

that takes a ton of effort..

I prefer just chicken and rice each meal with veggies….

Alex Kidd says:


Jay Lokz says:

Question: is that breakfast, lunch and dinner?

99welshdragon says:

Guys don’t drink soya milk! Way too much estrogen!

Learn English says:

First of all, thank you for sharing this amazing video. Then I am wondering how many times a week should i drink a cup of juice that you have made in this video?

selena essexpensacola says:

So I’ve watched many of your videos but not made any of your meals, thinking these might be the ones for me to try. In watching I’m realizing everything is in metric, except when baking sweet potatoes. I’ve wondering if that’s why I haven’t made anything in the past since I’m in the US and we use standard measurements. To make your recipes I’d have to convert all the ingredients to standard. I’ll give it a go, just thinking you viewers and potential customers like me would benefit from both measurements. Maybe you’ve been doing so more recently in other videos? Thank you I look forward to making these meals.

Allen Adam says:

I couldn’t help but notice that the brands in this video are Spanish. I live in Madrid. Can you tell me where I might be able to buy some of the Vivo Protein here in the city?

goshadowkenny says:

Hey Jon Venus – I am a naturally skinny guy 5’7″(171cm) / 145 lbs (66kg) who’s been working out 4-5 days a week for the last 15 months, and I’ve recently switched to vegetarianism just 3 months ago. Always struggled to eat “enough” to keep up with the workouts but since ditching meat, I’ve found it’s even harder to consume enough plant-based calories to completing the workouts, let alone building muscle. Reaching personal records on a regular basis which is great, but constantly feeling like blacking out every time. Do you have any tips?

Also, I understand that you’ve probably already covered this topic but you have a lot of content to watch through for this information! Apologies if I’m being redundant.

Jon Venus says:

Dont forget to share with someone that BENEFIT from this! Thanks for all the support!!! 😀
The full recipe list is in the description box if you wanna try this out 🙂

JustinTrojan says:

Oh just take your shirt off already, that’s all we want to see.

Sandesh Mali says:

Good job Jon. If you prepare a 1-week meal then where do you store that meal? In freeze or freezer?

MrsGxoxo says:

I had to watch that animal fast food crap and I wanted to throw up. When ppl say they only have time for fast food I hand them a banana.. does not get easier and better then that!!

Roberto Collins says:

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László Lakó says:

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Wreen says:

Where is this guy from?

yan jin says:

Does he live in spain?

Naktal Albiayte says:

Thank you very much my Friend perfekt Explain go on

Bastian says:

Damn, I need to get a deep freezer. No way I’m fitting all this pre-prepped stuff in my kitchen fridge.

Egor Howerow says:

What are the size of your Tuperware containers?

Lokendra KC says:

Until what time can I keep the food if I’m bringing it with me to school?

Digital Freedom Lifestyle says:

Great I’ve been looking for something like this…Will give it a try…first day vegan just came off of a 88hr fast.

Epic Saiyan Fist says:

Just bought everything except chia seeds. Cost me 27 dollars Australian. And they’re all the cheapest woolies brand. Lol

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