Best Bodybuilder of All Time | Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Training Program

If Arnold Schwarzenegger visualized it, it came true. His goal to be the best bodybuilder of all time—to leave a legacy so great that he would always be remembered—was so clear in his mind that everything else faded away.
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In this video, you’ll get to view never-before-seen footage of Arnold building his legacy, including some classic tape from the golden age of bodybuilding and new, exclusive interview footage. Follow Arnold’s path so you can learn how to build your own.

Along with a very clear vision, you’ll need enthusiasm to achieve your goal. Arnold was always excited about his progress and excited about the work he was doing in the gym.

“That’s why I always smiled when I was in the gym,” says Arnold. “People always asked me why I was smiling. Other guys had a sour face or they were pissed off that they had to do another rep or another set. But I looked forward to the work. Why? Because I knew that with every rep that I did, every set that I did, with every weight that I that I lifted, I got one step closer to turning my vision into reality.

“Because I was so enthusiastic about achieving my vision and winning one championship after the next, there was always excitement,” Arnold says. “So, when I went into the gym, I put my gym bag down and immediately attacked the weights.”

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Chiara Petrachi says:

I get so hungry watching these bodybuilding videos.

ZakuZuko says:

“well i said just sleep a little faster.” LOL i love this man. and thank u for ur encyclopedia of bodybuilding just bought it

Emil C says:

He’s one of the pillerman !!!!!

ankit chauhan says:

size ka

Amro Nouri says:

Arnold did it with stroids….. WHICH NOW ITS ILLEGAL, am I missing anything????!!!!!

TommyWiseauFawker says:

2:44 that chicks vag is like a monsoon.

Rafael Robayna says:


Dmitri Karamazov says:

2:41 that look motivates more than anything else.


The American dream is Arnold. Arnold not being from America is still the greatest American maybe even the greatest man to ever walk the planet. There is no male more alpha then Arnold. Arnold is a living legend and a king of kings.

Luiz Lacerda says:


Dan Williamson says:

Is it just me who’s got a massive bromance for arnie

Henrik Solheim says:

regulatory house painting enjoy swing.

Noel delsol says:

His biceps on a new level

Rico Granger says:

She wanted the D @2:43

King Kaan says:

Anyone know what the german phrase was.??

Vladislav Siormaha says:

what’s the songs used in the video?

ThyChrysanthemum says:

I have zero interest in bodybuilding. But his mental game is fucking on-point here to improve my surfing. You can apply Arnold’s passion, intensity, and hunger towards anything in life.

Johnathan Maturino says:

We should all take up bodybuilding as a pastime hobby. There’d be no wars cuz we’d all be bros.

kamez 0 says:

his words not just apply to bodybuilding; I am really “PUMPED UP” to do what I aim to do.

Sebastian Wharton says:

guys im 15, 191cm and 75 kg. im been going to the gym for about a year now.
Most of friends take protein powder but i heard it bads for teens.
Is it bad for teens and if i should take some what type of protein powder should i take.

marionel amador says:

puré esteroides

Jon Sindénius says:

I could really see him playing a SS general in a nazi movie.

super Noah gamer says:

oh my god

Fredy Rodriguez says:

Were is the blueprint

SamJS says:

I sleep 7, study 10(Mrs student), do uber for 4, workout for 1, nap for 1, personal hygiene for 1. There is my day. You have time people 😉

Justin Gonsalves says:

Wow. This was so inspirational.

prathviraz singh says:

i am great fan of arnold from my childhood. he is my ideal.

Justin Woods says:

I love body building

bodybuilder718 says:

lean athlet

Yogesh Ohekar says:

Arnold is best of all time

Ivan Ramirez says:

He is so right about everything but what made me tick was at the end about texting in the gym. It gets under my skin when someone is on a machine for more than 10 mins and stays texting -.- like you seriously are paying gym membership to text?

Moon Dog says:

genetics…..only the best….ever

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