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Bryant Ripper says:

this is deff gonna change my whole workout

Kriyaban0351 says:

I really like the detailed explanation. Ben is well spoken.

TheCheck43 says:

Only 50 pounds. WOW. You should work out more and get stronger.

omgyeaXD says:

Its a fucking little finger…

Amit Sati says:

Hi I’m 19 how I get prepare for modelling in 6 months ?

Rock Muscle says:

*# MI40 University muscle building.* Bodybuilder Pre Workout Supplement, Pre-Workout Muscle Building. (

Ysidro Sandoval says:

thank u brother,i have naturally big arms,now i know how to work them out better.

barilla92 says:

BPak/Cutler 2020

wheelchair_muscle says:

No small arms there mate!

J.T T says:

I’d’ve made gainz by now if watching videos could make it happen lol

Oblivion says:

Learn a lot from your videos! Can’t appreciate more!

8486lholt says:

It’s ALWAYS still my mother ******* set

willem scott says:

*Great informative video. Thanks for sharing!*

Zacioni says:

Can I buy some muscles from you? 🙂

Jesse mcdonald says:


Nooob Weeaboo says:

the trick is eat right and use gear like this guy

Sam Clark says:

Damnit Ben just say pinky finger.

Castro Jose says:

right on

TheDjSweets says:

very educated workout Ben. blimey you got some hectic guns there. on my way to work now with this workout and due to the time i will have left we can finish with muscle up training. bless for this.

Ali Aslam says:

Hey Ben, how many times a week you suggest working out your arms?

Rakesh Patkar says:

Arghh! His voice is bit annoying.

Saddam Khan Khan says:

I f**k u

sagatbalrog says:

pinky finger, not baby finger

kishore kemps says:

what are you…!!!!???

Aditya Bhardwaj says:

i am 18 tell m how to get bigger biceps but i have skinny skin..

kamacazi8 says:

IS that what he sounds like when he fucks “I’m gonna come in here with my baby finger, I come down I pronate, I come up I supinate. Then i squeeze at the end”

Shirley smith says:

proper form

tom mclean says:

So can someone tell me…… he only did 3 workouts. Did he leave one out or somthing

Jack Clelland says:

That was great information , thanks for making that video Ben.

Chetan Patil says:

Berry nice

ell castro says:


Bk Hundley says:

Great video! Guys just remember to keep your elbows in to hit the outside bicep head !

Mean Dad says:

Excellent example for how small details can have a huge impact.
Thanks for the info 🙂

claygeorge333 says:

just did a few sets and noticed a big difference…thanks ben!

james chavez says:

so no more hammer curls?

Chandra shaker says:

thanks for tips.

William Butera says:

what sz needles do you use?

Aaron Hartje says:

Somebody throw a plate at those people prancing around in the background!

samuel bellot says:

look like blake griffen bulk version

قاسم جاكوار says:


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