Before and After – 2 Years Body Transformation ( Natural ) | Workout and Musculation

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Michael Grace says:

wats the first song

fuzzy ZipZip says:

better natural. good man.
NO SHAKES NO CREA SUPPLEMENTS NO NO NO.!!!! CHEMICAL BULLSHITT!!! you makes that good, no listen to this guys hoo want make you down with this chemical bullshit.

HESTER says:

T’es dans le Corsica Ferrie au début ?

caleb the kid studios says:

what music is that

Tristan Thomas says:

Great physique, great workout. But its basically a video about before and after a man loses virginity

TINO says:

S est quoi la musique de 4 minutes

tiger bend says:

I seriously hate those little shits that use cabels to bicep curl

Sergey Epremyan says:


Hkkcmlhv Bkjgbogj says:

natural??? -.-

Hallonberry1 says:

Nice result but focus on the legs too, they are too thin

Anthony Gates says:

You don’t need to buy any supplements to see quick gains. In fact, you can get the XTRCut which enhances lean muscle gain, strength, endurance and much more for FREE. I’ve been using it for 3 years now and I’ve transformed my body from a skinny boy to a hardcore bodybuilder. So, thanks to Deals For Grabs, you can request your free bottle here (shipping is U.S. only):

Niall Sankey says:


VietIT Kid007 says:

what music

Maxwell G00DWIN says:


Claire Moene says:

Mdrr pauvre t shirt a 4:37

Jimmy Tumor says:

that about my goal

Simplement Dylan says:

2 000 000 MILLIONS DE VUE MEC !!!!! :O

Exis says:

13 years old/2016 5foot8 / 115 LB See you in 2020 for a transformation video !

king pvssydestroyer says:

Name of music pleas?

Dmitrijs Beliks says:

This guy is 100% natty though

Ayo Avery says:

this is other guy

intel57 says:

pourquoi moi jarrive pas

Fabio Vonella says:

Song 1,50 ?

quan quan says:

song? 3:18

I Was Here says:

Christodu69 ! :p

Andre Maivy says:

I love that instrumental in the background, wanna use it to make my video.Any idea what it’s called?


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Korquix Gamer says:

c est quoi la musique à 3:05 ?? stp

Bruce Wayne says:

clean look man, congrats 😉

prashant tyagi says:

what is the song name ?

Tic67000 says:

C’est une blague t’es passé d’un stick a un monstre comme ca 😮 je pensais pas que c’était possible

Monit Gohil says:

can uh tell me the name of the song please

UltimateSafireSun says:

that guy was hot

Michael Colon says:

What is the song

king pvssydestroyer says:

You’re skinny asf

Jake Hart says:

Why is everyone so obsessed with legs? Like honestly, he’s transformed his body and everyone bashes on the weak points of someone’s body. Congrats dude, deadly physique

Иван Иванов says:

Great Transformation !!!

Rogiemar Aquino says:

how to conbine gym and calisthenics?

Marou CasaWifi says:

Pas mal l’évolution l’artiste

Imma Snek says:

so im 15. i’ve been doing calisthenics since i was 12, but i really didn’t gain much muscle until i was 14. im a bit frustrated have i been losing my time? ;-;

Louis-Marie Angélis says:

On dirai vraiment Chris Evan à 3:32 😉

Philip Java says:

it’s been 5 months I’m broke, got gyno and I’m skinny fat. I see no changes :'( I need motivation :'(

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