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Pedro C says:

anyone know the % body fat of the guy red t shirt guy? like 8%?

The king Aantmsmo says:

let me tell u all the motherfucker who r commenting gay n racially abusing! U people really need a psychiatrist to check Ur mantle condition! people only hate those from whom they are insecure ! so my dear Asian guys be proud of what u r and always give Ur best! because the best u showcase the best
u get back! haters gonna hate ! let them hate!

MGL says:

dig all your yt, just one question and don’t get offended but please be honest…any of your guys and you on the gear or juicin?

Purpose says:

You’re a disappointment to Goku.

Pira guida Ror says:

the man with grey t-shirt seems the fokin sin chan brooos, hes ugly as hell brrruuuahhhs

Juan De La O says:

How many days a week do you guys work out?

Ei Jing Tan says:

Guys watching this, they are all fake natties , stop being delusional, if u guys love their body so much just hope on the gear and stop saying its attainable naturally

wsalas13 says:

flip kid is monster

agora inge says:

Whistrol a tope

Andrew Castle says:

seeing this chinless queer bang his head made me automatically think the rest of his videos are as gay as he is

ben blais says:

Nothing to do with “Asian” everything to do with artificial hormones.. Nothing natural about any of you, to anyone who has any knowledge whatsoever..

Leng Lee says:

So much racial hate into this video. This proves that racism is still very much alive and it’s sad. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that all people will get along, but after so many years it’s not hard to see that racism is still here. Asians get the most hate when successful, but it doesn’t fade us. We’ll keep doing what we have always been doing and if we gather haters along the way then might as well let them hate, because the amount of hate someone gets equals the amount of success that they have. Success increases proportionate to haters. So keep on hating people, this only motivates them to keep on doing what they do.

k4ze7 says:

after the workout they all went outside to squat in a a circle and smoke cigs.

JoeSikein' ya says:

Hello my name is Joesikeinya, and i was hoping that after high school o could train like y’all and i was also hoping that you guys could help me if you would be so kind to respond i would be very thankful

Rogelio Valle Villagrana says:

parecen chilangos

Zakaria Ben Karroum says:

Such an unsafe way to learn how to ride a segway or w/e it is, one shud hold against something.

Pega Zord says:

love youre videos but you have to be on something, daaamn looooks to gooood, my 7. year and still have a lot to do :/

Average Tuner says:

all that muscle and only 50lb curls I’m just starting to work out and I’m using 45’s and I’m using a harder technique and not on roids y’all look cool thoe

joe ten says:

the moment you put “asian” in the title, you should expect alot of racist comments

just my 2 cents

JohnGrit says:

That 170 lbs dumbell……. beastly.

bediako1 says:

Asians are cool and for the haters talking about they’re on roids, FUCK U

Vincent Ngo says:

Holy hell, what a stud. ~

DarkCookieDj says:

does the guy at 3:15 have a YouTube channel

leThunder617 says:

how much does your speed suffer from such bulking?


What red shoes is Gokuflex wearing in this video?

German Guzman says:

where is mike chang?

Duy Tran says:

hanhchampion is vietnamese !?

KWD- Fifa challenges, minecraft ,more. says:

honestly half of yall just mad because they have the gains that u dont

dead dead says:

These strong niggas always sound so feminine

Devry Pasaribu says:

steroid user

Bryan Jackson says:

hey ive just started following you guys. but i have a question about lower back fat and what exercise is best

specter flames says:

Good job guys are beasts
. I’m glad to see the Asians represent brothas.

James Cook says:


beno2524 says:

You guys look like a team of henchmen in a rush hour movie

Most Dedicated says:

Why do people disrespect Asians?

Joe Silkwood says:

Cool Asians.. I think I sounded a little racial there?

panchirolo venado says:


ruben svensson says:

and die faster to

tigerfist101 says:

What grips is Raymond using?

youtubeuser says:

Basically half of the comments here are from a bunch of racists who seem to attack these guys simply because they’re Asian. Ironic that these morons will go to a Christian Guzman video and say he’s natty when the guy has a receding hairline that seemed to happen around the same time his body started to explode with muscle. The hate is all racism, pure and simple.

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